German sports brand Adidas is investigating allegations of inappropriate behavior by rapper Kanye West. According to some employees, Kanye West, who now goes by the name Ye, would have shown pornographic pictures and videos while at work. Adidas had already stopped working with the rapper around the Yeezy brand at the end of October after an anti-Semitic statement.

American magazine Rolling Stone announced the allegations after being able to speak with a former employee of Adidas and Yeezy, Adidas’ Kanye West shoe and clothing line. would have written an open letter to Adidas management to condemn West’s inappropriate behavior.

According to several former employees, Kanye West regularly showed explicit and pornographic photos of himself and ex-wife Kim Kardashian at work. “I think it was a way to tie people down, test people, cross boundaries,” says one former employee. West has also been accused of aggressive, sexist, and intimidating behavior.

Adidas itself has been accused of turning a blind eye to Kanye West’s actions, according to a Rolling Stone investigation. Adidas responded in a statement that it was not clear whether the anonymous letter’s allegations were correct, but that the complaint was being taken “very seriously” and that an “independent investigation into the allegations had been launched.” ing.

Adidas will now make that decision after Union Investment, one of Adidas’ largest shareholders, asked for clarification on the allegations, according to the Guardian newspaper. Adidas has already stopped working with West.

Source: vrt


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