Another turbulent day in a large trial about the murder of Silvio Aquino in Tongeren. Today, some of Silvio Aquino’s brothers testify, but so do the miscellaneous crew of convicted criminals, acquaintances, and defendants. The Lucio brothers clashed with the accused Sandro H. There were screams, and they both made murderous gestures across their necks.

In a nutshell:

On August 27, 2015, the car that Silvio Akino was riding with his wife Sylvia stopped. By four men in balaclava, not by the police, as Silvio first thought. Silvia escaped, but Silvio couldn’t. He was killed with seven bullets. The man currently on trial is a member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina clan, and their suspicious client is a man from Zutendaal. It is unclear what was the motive for demanding a ransom or reconciliation within the drug environment. You can read the entire case reconstruction here.

The following post summarizes some parts of today’s testimony. The latest updates for the day are at the top. Doesn’t it work? Then read from bottom to top.

Today, some of the murdered relatives of Silvio Akino have their say. The first was the Lucio brothers. He talked about a good relationship with Silvio, the youngest of his family. They listened to each other weekly, often even daily. “Silvio was a good person,” says Brother Lucio. “He was on good terms with everyone. He wanted to help everyone again. He didn’t want to cause problems with anyone.”

After Silvio was killed, another brother called Lucio to tell him what had happened. “I immediately drove there, but everything was blocked,” says Lucio. The Akinos didn’t immediately know who was behind the murder. They tried to find themselves, but there was already a conflict with the accused (and suspicious client) Martino T. For example, he was the mastermind behind the invasion of the house into Aquino’s sisters. Lucio describes this as follows: Behind it. “

“The next day I went to Martino T. without talking to my two friends what it was. Upon arriving there, Martino T. was shocked and turned pale. He was clear. There was no mention of burglary, but I just wanted to see how he reacted. “

At some point, a bullet was also found in the mailbox of Silvio Akino. The family assumes that Martino T. was also behind this. “We saw driving a car past the house, and we think Martino T. was there,” Lucio says. “After that, I was able to see him by looking at the camera image of Silvio.”

Lucio Aquino has always refused to pronounce the name Martino T.

Conflict between Lucio Akino and the accused

When Lucio Aquino finishes his testimony and wants to leave the courtroom, a conflict arises between him and Sandro H., who was accused. They yell at each other in Italian. Sandro H. specifically calls Lucio a “villain” and a “murderer.”

Lucio puts his hand on his neck and makes a gesture, as Sandro H. did on the first day of the trial. He repeated it again. After that, the entire Aquino clan participates in the debate, and Sylvia’s wife also calls on Sandro H for all sorts of things.

“Friends fuck you and enemies kill you”

Earlier today, notable testimony had already passed. For example, there was a story about a friend of Martino T who was accused. The man is a convicted drug criminal currently in prison in Beberen. In fact, he didn’t want to be transferred to Tongeren to testify. He said he was forcibly removed from his cell, and he apologized for the outfit he appeared in front of a large court. White T-shirt and orange shorts.

He says he was kidnapped in May 2015 by 10 masked men who looked like police officers. “They took me to the car, pulled a bag over my head and took me to my apartment, where they stole money, expensive watches, clothes and handbags. The man did not submit a report to the police. It wouldn’t have done anything. He tried to chase after the perpetrator himself. “Usually it’s someone you know, the chairman, the enemy kills you because your friends ruin you,” he said. He says he couldn’t find the perpetrator, nor could he find an expensive watch. However, the perpetrator’s law corresponds to how the Roman clan operates in court.

Shortly afterwards, the witness and the defendant will call for their real name in court. A man who was in prison with Silvio after the murder received information about the suspected criminal from Oudenaarde prison. At trial, he refers to the defendant with the words “dogs over there.” The accused Sandro H intervenes and calls on him. “He calls others dogs, but he himself is a dog.”

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