The Court of Appeals in Antwerp will hear the Sandadia case on March 23, 2023 in nine months. The day of baptism may be determined. The family and the prosecution want to consider the entire baptismal ritual, including everything before Sandadia’s death in 2018.

The Sandadia case began this morning in the Court of Appeals in Antwerp. The case is currently being heard in court as Mita’s family has appealed against the judge’s decision. In a first-instance trial, she said she couldn’t judge the entire baptism for several days. She only wanted to see the facts of the last few hours of the baptism on December 5, 2018. Then Sanda’s condition deteriorated sharply and it was about the last afternoon and evening at the Vorselaar log house in Antwerp Kempen where he was. I was finally taken to the hospital. There he died a day later.

Therefore, the judge made that decision during the trial, which was also recorded in the court records. The bourgeois party was afraid that this would prevent them from getting answers to all the questions about what happened throughout the baptismal ritual. They appealed, and later the prosecutor also appealed.

The Court of Appeals in Antwerp will hear the case within nine months to hear the case on March 23, 2023. The court first wants to recognize the entire case to determine the judgment of the Hasselt judge, or to determine if only the last few hours of the baptism can be determined.

Source: vrt


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