Bilzen’s law firm has created an ebook to help citizens protect themselves in police courts. According to a previous investigation, 70% of defendants appear in police courts without a lawyer.

Bilzen’s Vandersanden Advocaten is Belgium’s first law firm to explain how to protect yourself as a citizen in a police court. Annelies and Dorien Vandersanden run a family business with their father, Jan. The daughters came up with the idea after a 2017 investigation by the Flanders Bar Council. This shows that 70% of the defendants appeared in police without a lawyer.

Request fewer sentences

For some reason, the two daughters decided to help citizens who wanted to defend themselves in a familiar way. Not everyone can or wants to pay a lawyer, but insurance contracts often include free legal assistance. Therefore, ebooks do not plead for going to court without a lawyer, but they do want to go to court without a lawyer. In plain language, ebooks detail how police court proceedings work and what are the most common traffic violations and associated penalties. There are also discussions on how to request fewer sentences or acquittals.

The manual that you can freely refer to the first 15 pages is online store Van Vander Sanden Lawyer. If desired, you can request a 30-minute personal coaching.

Source: vrt


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