CD & V needs to turn inside. That’s what the two mayors of CD & V in West Flanders and Limburg have said in the “morning” that the party still has a strong foundation. They blame the negative atmosphere surrounding the party and question Flanders and government participation at the federal level. “Many people are still in the process of becoming ministers, but before joining a government like Vivaldi, we may need to rethink what we represent.”

Last week, De Stemming (a poll by VRTNWS and De Standaard) showed that only 8.7 percent of polls still vote for CD & V. This will minimize the party in Flanders. A blow to what was once Flanders’ biggest party. Later, President Joachim Cohens decided to resign early.

In the “morning” of Radio 1, Mayor Ribes van der Owella and Mayor Christoph Odenato of Tohout responded to the retirement of the Coen brothers and the crisis within the party. Both come from areas where CD & V still has a strong foundation.

According to Van der Auwera, the problem is much broader than just the chair. “Party conveys a message that people don’t understand. When I hear and read statements from my people, I often feel the feeling that I have to see twice to understand: what exactly says here About’,’building a bridge’,’people’. But people wonder: what does this mean to me? “

Internal struggle

According to Van der Auwera, party leaders feel that they have too little connection with people. “People face a lot of uncertainties about purchasing power, how to raise children, pensions, how to raise children, etc. These are all daily issues, as if Brussels lacks empathy. . “

When I hear or read the statements of my party members, I feel like I have to look at them twice to get a good understanding. What exactly is being said here?

Ribes van der Owella, Mayor of Bree

Both mayors are seeking an internal turn. Krist of Audenaert, Mayor of Torhout, states that it is important for the party to close its rank. He condemns many anonymous comments by newspaper members. “It’s important to have a debate. That’s normal. But those things have to be said internally. We have to pull together outside.”

Vander Auwera shares that opinion. “I used to sit in Congress, but I’ve never seen a party committee where people killed and criticized that way. We often all wonder what we’re doing now. It came out with feelings, and since I was talking 12 years ago, it’s been going on for a while. It has to change. “

Government participation

Participating in the Vivaldi government, in particular, is a point of discussion within the CD & V. Even before the coalition was formed, heavyweight Peter de Clem said in an interview with De Stendhal in September 2020 that his party was not operating in a purple-green government. Since the resignation of the Coen brothers, this debate has resurfaced.

Many mayors have also always opposed participation in Vivaldi, including West Flanders. Among them is Audenaert. “I objected to joining Vivaldi, and it remains heavy on my stomach, but the party convention has decided not, and we have to accept it. Now get it back It doesn’t make sense, “he says.

But Van der Auwera also casts doubt on government participation at the federal level. “I think we, as parties, and certainly as party leaders, are still the catalyst for many to become ministers. People still consider themselves politicians, but perhaps. We first need to rethink what we represent, and we shouldn’t have joined a government like Vivaldi. It’s very easy for me, “Vander Auwera says. increase.

Nitrogen file

Nevertheless, the party has received a lot of negative publicity in recent months, especially at the Flemish level. Nitrogen agreements are often referred to. This is very difficult in rural areas such as West Flanders and Limburg, where CD & V is traditionally strong.

“People have come out very proudly because of the recent agreement, but if you take a closer look, what exactly is the socio-economic effect, and with these measures? I don’t know if I can reach my goal, “says Van der Owella. about this. “There is no research or research on this. It’s mainly muscle rotation. Look, we did it.”

Wooter Beak is very smart, but he doesn’t have the talent to empathize with people

Ribes van der Owella, Mayor of Bree

Another annoying problem at the Flanders level is the position of Minister of Welfare Wooter Beak. “I know Wouter as long as I’m in politics,” says Vander Auwera. He doesn’t have the talent to empathize with people. I think he came out in a completely different way in another department. The welfare department came and had to do Beke, but I don’t think it was made for him, “he said.

However, according to Van der Auwera, there are situations of mitigation. “He inherits a department that has been in trouble for a long time, so I also want to whiten him somewhere. That doesn’t change the fact that the concerns that exist in that department shouldn’t be treated this way. “

Source: vrt


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