On Monday, Wooter Beak (CD & V) will be the mayor of Leopoldsburg again after resigning from the Flanders government minister yesterday. This also means that Marleen Kauffmann (CD & V), who has been mayor for three years, will become a member of the city council for mobility, education, tourism, culture and neighborhood work.

Marleen Kauffmann (CD & V) announced it on social media. “I am very sorry to have to say goodbye to you on behalf of the mayor of Leopoldsburg. I really enjoyed this job. It was an honor to be your mayor for nearly three years. I miss this very much. It’s very heartbreaking, but from Monday I will resume my duties as a ship as before. “

Catrien Ozel (CD & V), who took over the power of Marlene Kaufman as a city council member, disappears from the city council and becomes a council member again. It has long been clear that Wooter Beak will return to the House of Representatives. As a result, his successor, Stephen Mattei (CD & V), disappears from Congress.

Source: vrt


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