Secretary of State Sammy Mahdi is a candidate to become Chair of CD & V. He announced this in a breakfast conversation on the radio show “Morning.” Mahdi’s candidacy comes after polls show that CD & V will be the smallest party in Flanders after current party chairman Joachim Cohens announced his resignation yesterday. Mahdi was slightly defeated by the Coen brothers in the previous presidential election.

De Stemming (a poll by VRTNWS and De Standaard) shows that only 8.7 percent of polls still vote for CD & V. That’s 6.7 percentage points less than what CD & V achieved in the 2019 Flanders elections.

“The poll is dramatic for us,” admitted Joachim Cohens yesterday. He will ask the party council next week to call for an early presidential election. In a breakfast conversation with Michael Van Drugenbrook on Radio 1’s “Morning,” Sammy Mahdi said he wanted Cohens to take over as party chair.

Mahdi is currently Secretary of State for Government in Exile and Immigrants. Two and a half years ago, he lost slightly to the Coen brothers in the presidential election. But now Mahdi wants to seize the opportunity again.

“Yes, I’m a candidate,” he said this morning. “I got a message from a lot of people yesterday,” and he says he wants to take responsibility for it. “It’s up to the CD & V members to lead the team.”

If you plan with other parties, you need to compromise.But that’s not the intention of pulling out the garden hose

The very bad polls on CD & V also hit Mahdi hard. “It’s not surprising given the trends in recent years, but even if your party falls below 10 percent, you’ll continue to be surprised,” he says. “But we shouldn’t change our philosophy based on polls. We shouldn’t be losers.”

Culture in the party

For the Secretary of State, the disappointing polls are partly related to the culture within his party. “If you’re involved in a policy with other parties, you need to add water to the wine, but that’s not the intention of pulling out the garden hose,” he says. “You have to know what your principles are and clearly support them.”

I’m asking what’s happening in the middle, but it doesn’t become a mouthpiece

“We need to be a Flanders community party again,” says Mahdi. “I want to do everything I can to make myself available and bring the party back to the top. We need to be more advanced and score higher than we are today. It’s pretty wide. He still doesn’t want to put numbers in the intended results.

Flanders Minister Wooter Beak has been on a regular fire in recent months. And despite all the turmoil, he was still able to remain a minister. He can also stay for Mahdi. “It’s especially important that he can continue to work,” he says. “Wooter showed that a lot went wrong, and he wants to make it his job. Let’s see how he does it. You too. I have to support him inside. “

Mahdi also wants to rethink his relationship with the former Christian pillars. “You have to listen to what’s happening in the middle, but you can’t be their mouthpiece,” he says. “We need to respect each other, not frustrate. I wonder why they don’t vote for us. And they wonder why they don’t do what we want from us. I think. “


On social media, Mahdi announced in the famous movie “Terminator” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger that he has returned as a presidential candidate in this pastiche.

It is not yet known if Maddy will face competition. In the last presidential election, in addition to Mahdi, Katry Plutica, Raftelwingen, Vincent Van Petegem, and Walter Dedonda were also candidates.

Van Petegem has since become Minister of Finance and has already expressed his support for Mahdi on Twitter. Partyka and Thervingi have informed that they are not candidates this time, and Walter Dedonder (known as the mayor of “Samson” and Kabouter Plop) has informed him that he is still thinking about it.

Is the change of president enough?

“He’s back.” VRTNWS-Wetstraat watcher Ivan DeVadder believes that the slight defeat in the last presidential election two and a half years ago was something Mahdi always wanted to make up for. “The opportunity is now emerging.”

Joachim Cohens couldn’t change the flow of CD & V, but Sammy Mahdi has always been prepared to take over in the background, DeVadder concludes. For example, Mahdi proposed another book in October.From hollow to complete† “You could already read it as a program for future party chairs,” DeVadder states.

When De Vadder becomes leader, Mahdi CD & V predicts that he will be younger in communication and will adopt a style that is in line with the youth’s style. At the same time, De Vadder wonders if the change of chair will result in the coveted change within the party.

The party has succeeded in attracting new voters above all while the CD & V voters are disappearing. Because there is a fundamental problem.

A complete analysis of the (missing) charm of CD & V can be read here.

New Secretary of State?

If Mahdi is elected leader, he will resign as Secretary of State in asylum and immigration. He also said this morning.

It is not yet known who will take over Mahdi. In any case, it must be someone who can immediately enable the feature. “There is no time or place for the white rabbit to settle down,” says fellow Michael van Drugenbrook, who interviewed Mahdi this morning.

“Then we’re looking at Natalie Müll,” Van Drugenbrook has already looked ahead. Roeselare’s CD & V politician had already confused the previous administration by acting on behalf of Wouter Beke when he switched to the Flemish government. As Minister of Labor, Economy and Consumer Affairs, Mir surprised his friends and enemies. Her disappointment was great when she seemed to have no place for her in the new administration.

When he becomes chairman, Sammy Maddy herself loses national affairs. He was the first successor to Flanders Brabant’s CD & V list in the 2019 federal elections. As a result, he was in the House of Representatives in 2020, after which Koen Geens took up the place.

Source: vrt


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