Vooruit has taken the courage from a favorable investigation by De Stemming, and Groen Chairman Meyrem Almaci is generally pleased with her party’s efforts, and OpenVLD sees an opportunity to grow again. PVDA, N-VA and Vlaams Belang are also happy with the DeVoting results.

Vooruit: “I can do better than today”

Earlier, 15.5% of De Voting recorded significant improvements compared to the 2019 elections. “I think we keep our promise,” replies party president Connor Rousseau. “We said we would invest in pensions, and we are investing in pensions. We said we would invest in health care, and we are investing heavily in health care. We said we would save wages, and we are doing that. ”

Nevertheless, Rousseau keeps his feet on the ground. “It will be very difficult to do good and make people better in times of crisis like this, but that’s what we work on every day and every night.”

Vooruit’s chairman remains optimistic. “The breath of fresh air is highly valued and I believe we can do even better than it is today.”

Open VLD: “DeWever is trying to do everything to destroy us.”

“Of course, I want to move forward rather than retreat,” admits Open VLD Chairman Egbert Lachaert. “The goal should be to increase towards 15 percent.” In the poll, Open VLD achieved 10.2 percent, almost 3 percent less than in the 2019 election.

Is Open VLD the victim of an N-VA attack? Voting shows that many dark blue voters are turning their backs on Open VLD. Lahart disagrees. “That right liberal label is the label that journalists gave us,” he says. “We are liberal and we don’t need those adjectives. Liberalism is progressive and not conservative anyway.”

Lahart does not like the N-VA trying to empty his party. “We are the public enemy of the N-VA, and Bart De Wever is trying to do everything to destroy us.”

“We are doing politics in a different way,” Lahart said. “Now you have a visionary liberal group that believes in us, and we still need to try to extend it to a confident group. It’s for us in the coming months. It’s a challenge. “

Groen: “A good foundation for the next chair to build further”

Groen Chairman Meilem Armasi is pleased with the party’s stable results in the polls. She reads in this that the two green ministers, Petra de Satter and Tine van der Straten, are clearly grateful “for the courageous decisions made during the ambiguous times.” is. Polls were conducted between March 14th and 31st, when the federal government returned to its nuclear exit, but it is nevertheless controversial for Groen.

Armasi said the poll could leave the party and the results remain close to the party’s election results in 2019. “This means that our green project is more relevant than ever, which is a good foundation for the next president to develop further,” he said.

PVDA: “PvdA’s proposal has become politically mainstream.”

According to PVDA Party Chair Jos Dahise, De Voting’s results reveal that many are looking for “social alternatives to the way Vivaldi’s government is stalled in this energy crisis.” increase. “And they find it in PVDA,” it sounds. In voting, PVDA reached 9.1%, an increase of 3.8% compared to the 2019 elections.

“Refueling will be exorbitant, energy prices will go through the roof, speculators and war beneficiaries will go through the cash register. From a 6% VAT on energy, a reduction in goods tax on fuel, profits of energy multinational companies PVDA’s proposals have become mainstream in politics today, until sexual decline, “D’Haese analyzes. “According to this poll, PVDA will win almost three times as many seats as the Flanders Parliament.”

N-VA: “I feel we are winning”

N-VA came in second with 22.4% in De Stemming, just below the Flems Belan. President Baltic Deweber is pleased that his party can refocus on core business after the Corona crisis. I’m currently talking in Flanders in front of a packed hall and we’re making a comeback and feel like we’re back. “

De Weber disagrees with the scores of the Government of Flanders and Prime Minister Yang Yang Bonn. “I’m not happy with that, and I think it’s unfair. The Flanders government has balanced the budget. If everyone did it in this country, we would be in very good shape. Probably, the government is also making a lot of reforms. I think it’s a good job, but it suffered a lot of image damage during the COVID period, and Prime Minister, that’s definitely true. “

Flames Belan: “Stepping into the ground”

“Stepping into the ground” is the first reaction of Frams Belan Chairman Tom Van Gleeken. “Even if the poll is positive, I have to say it’s just a poll. Now we have to keep working, but this Vivaldi government where people are making them fail. Obviously, you shouldn’t know anything about. They want a different policy, which is to increase purchasing power, reduce migration, and put employees first. “

Vlaams Belang leads DeVote with 22.9%, 4.5 percentage points more than in the 2019 elections. The party has the most loyal election audience, but the growth margin is small. “Unknown is not loved,” says Van Groet. “I think we can continue to grow. I want to be the biggest party in 2024. This poll confirms that. I hope we can add more percentages before the election. increase.”

CD & V: “Polling is dramatic for us”

“Public polls are dramatic for us, which is especially painful for our militants who work daily for Christian democracy in the field,” said CD & V, becoming the smallest party in Flanders at 8.7%. Later, Joachim Cohens concludes. It’s an early presidential election, and I don’t think it’s up to me to run for it. ”

Here is his complete reaction to his resignation as party chair.

Source: vrt


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