Artists will soon be able to submit an application for an “artwork certificate”. This is the successor to the “Artist Law” and provides supplementary benefits to those working in the arts sector when there are too few missions. The Federal Council of Ministers may approve the new certificate on Friday.

Almost 20 years ago, then Minister of Social Affairs Frank Vandenbroucke (Vooruit) and Minister of Labor Laurette Onkelinx (PS) created an artist’s decree. Therefore, an artist with an artist visa or card is equivalent to an employee for social security purposes and can receive a tax-exempt daily allowance for artistic achievements and / or expenses. You can also receive an unemployment allowance between the two jobs.

“Today, the Artist Law already offers its own social protection, but it’s time for an update adapted to the current reality in which artists work,” said Frank Vandenbroucke, Minister of Social Affairs. increase. Therefore, there is a new version with the new name “Artwork Certificate”. In Radio 1’s “The morning,” Vandenbroucke details the new certificate.

It Artwork certificate Give artists access to our social security in an easy and appropriate way. Like other employees, they receive full social protection. The certificate is valid for five years and artists can submit their application to the new Federal Artwork Commission.

“Artists receive five years of security based on qualitatively proven files,” explains Working Minister Pierre-Yves Dermagne (PS). “Then they don’t have to justify themselves anywhere about the work they have done and the amount of money they have done, and they can concentrate entirely on artistic creation.”

The new certificate was created through Working In The Arts, a participation platform that allows participants to make renewal suggestions. “For the first time, we handed the pen to the representative of the artwork, and I’m happy with the result,” Vandenbrook said. “The new artwork certificate is based on practical insights, which is very important.”

The new artwork certificate is based on practical insights, which is very important

Frank Vandenbroucke Minister of Social Affairs (Vooruit)


One of those practical insights is that it is difficult for young artists to get this status. They must be able to prove that they are already working well in the arts field. It’s not logically easy at the beginning of your career.

Therefore, there is a “provisional artwork certificate for beginners”. This temporary certificate provides novice artists with a three-year opportunity to meet the requirements for the final artwork certificate. In the last three years, you will immediately receive all the benefits associated with your final certificate.

1 artwork It is defined as “a person who makes the necessary artistic contributions to artistic creation or performance.” This can be related not only to artists, but also to technical or supportive activities that have an artistic impact.

Example: The person who designs the light show is a work of art. The person who drags the cable or is in charge of selling tickets is not because there is no “artistic influence”.

Somewhat tough

However, according to Vandenbroucke, easy entry into the new system does not mean that the bar goes down. “Today, to increase access to the special unemployment system, we need to prove three activities,” Vandenbroucke explains. “We get tougher there, and artists have to prove 78 days in three years. In this way, they get caught up in a special unemployment plan that adapts to the life of a real artist. I want to prevent it. ” Minister.

Invisible work

The new certificate also takes into account the artist’s “invisible” work, such as studying texts as an actor or studying books. This is important for their right to get permission for their artwork.

“Artworkers often work under capricious contract terms and often offer invisible works in preparation for presenting or selling artistic end results,” said Dermanu, Minister of Labor (PS). I will explain. “In these periods, which are difficult to track with classic systems, the question” whether you are still working “is no longer there. Contribution globally within the next few years is included in this scheme. “

Another new feature is that half of the artwork committee (which needs to be evaluated if someone receives an artwork certificate) is made up of people in the artwork department. The other half are representatives of social security institutions and social partners.

The artwork certificate is most likely to be approved by the Council of Ministers on Friday.

Source: vrt


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