If it relies on Secretary of State Thomas Dermin (PS) for recovery and strategic investment, it should be possible to break the law on wage standards in a particular sector. target? Make these sectors attractive so that employers can find enough staff by giving them more purchasing power. One of these sectors is the construction sector.

We are currently dealing with the war in Ukraine etc. Unprecedented price increase† “This situation is very difficult and there is inflation not seen in the last 30 years,” Dermin admits in “Terzake.” He tries to relieve his anxiety. “Belgium has its own system for working people. It is one of the best systems in the world to protect purchasing power and is an automatic indexing of wages.”

As long as socialists are in government, there will never be an index jump

Secretary of State Thomas Dermin (PS)

But the employer’s circle echoes Request an index jump It will be bigger. Then, as a result of the price increase, the one-time indexing of 2% wages will be skipped. If it depends on Dermin, it is “no Pasaran”. “As long as the socialists are in the government, there will never be an index jump. There was an index jump between the previous Swedish governments, and we are still working on that payment.”

But even with this automatic indexing of wages, more and more people are struggling to achieve their goals.Therefore, the union Wage Act 1996† The wage law stipulates that our wages must keep pace with the wages of neighboring countries in order to keep our economy competitive.

With all the investments in this country, one of the biggest challenges turned out to be finding people to work in the garden.

Secretary of State Thomas Dermin (PS)

Wage law is an unmanageable need for employers, and so far the government has remained silent. Secretary of State Dermin held an opening ceremony stating that something had to be possible in a particular sector, such as the construction sector.

“With all our investments in this country, we found that one of the biggest challenges was finding people to work in the garden. We got feedback from the industry. The construction industry makes the industry attractive. You have to pay more people to do it, and something has to be possible there. “

“The government will take very important steps,” Darmin guarantees. “Budget balance is certainly desirable, but it’s also a matter of speed. Reducing spending too quickly and too violently will have a negative impact on the economy.” He said, “We need to run the economic engine at full throttle.” I believe.

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