The federal government has begun an extensive public survey on the potential for national reform and the functioning of democracy. The survey lasts for 6 weeks and is open to anyone over the age of 16.

What should our future state structure look like? Who should have what power? What role do citizens want? The federal government wants to take into account the opinions and ideas of citizens, civil society, academia, and local governments on these important themes in future national reforms.

The federal government wants to prepare for state reform by the end of Congress in 2024. Therefore, actual political activity will not take place at the earliest until the end of the next election. Therefore, civic investigations do not replace the political negotiations of traditional political parties, but they are preparations.

“Ideas collect ideas in some national brainstorming sessions, get recommendations, get suggestions not only from the public, but also from other groups, all those ideas and suggestions are ours. To be able to contribute to the image of the future of the country. Interior Minister Annelies Werlinden.

On the website This is an unresolved question. For example, do you need more or less localization? Which government not only gets the last word of the crisis, but what should happen in the Senate, how should it fund political parties, and how can it be formed more quickly?

It’s also about elections. For example, do they need to be done on the same day? What about priority voting, constituencies, and political party financing?

Scholars prepare reports based on the survey. A civic panel to discuss with members of parliament is also drawn. This should generate additional ideas for democracy and national reform.

“Waste money”

Opposition N-VA has found that a federal civil survey on Belgium’s national structure is “wasted money.” “This civic survey seems to have the effect of undermining support for civic surveys,” says MP Sander Loones.

“The whole exercise costs € 2.1 million, showing that the government itself does not feel bound by possible results and has already resigned to the fact that the results are not representative. What is the effort to participate? This is not all very motivating, “Mr. Runes said, regretting that the issues already in the Union Agreement are not part of the investigation.

Source: vrt


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