The Tienen game OpenVLD has been renamed to “Blauw Wit Tienen”. The 10 liberals want to participate in the election by that name in 2024, but they also want to participate in a whole new project. Innovation and expansion are important in this regard, but according to the party, the participation and participation of Tienen citizens in particular.

A spring reception was held in Tienen on Sunday afternoon for members of the Open VLD. There, a new name for the liberal party was announced: “Blauw Wit Tienen”. “We especially want to focus on the changes and innovations in our city,” says Tiens City Councilor Bram Delvaux (Blauw Wit Tienen). “We especially want to involve the locals. After the 2024 election, we also call it” Project 24. ” We want to work with the public to create a program for our city. “

But where did the name “blue white” come from? “Of course, blue refers to our party. We are still the Liberal Party. White refers to newcomers working on a new story. But blue and white are also the colors of the city of Tienen. They are the flags. There is also a new logo that incorporates the Tienen skyline, “says Bram Delvaux.

Within the next few months, the party will take action to put together a new program. “We are looking for new people who want to brainstorm, express their ideas and create works for new programs in our city. I think it really brings value,” Delvaux concludes. I am.

Source: vrt


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