There is an increasing likelihood of a referendum at Boortmeerbake on mergers with other neighboring municipalities, not just Mechelen. On Sunday, two majority parties, Open VLD and N-VA, announced that they both wanted such a referendum. Last week there was a lot to do about the merger. Many Baltzmerbake residents are dissatisfied because they knew nothing about the plan.

The potential merger of Boortmeerbake and Mechelen has sparked a lot of reaction last week, especially among the residents of Boortmeerbake. Many of them have not seen such a merger. The Facebook group has already been established with 1,700 members who requested a referendum. And opposition Frams Belan is also calling for such a referendum. Seems to be coming now.

This morning, city council members, city council members, the chairs of the majority Open VLD and N-VA, and Mayor Karin Delua (Open VLD) gathered at the Boortmeerbake City Hall to discuss the future. These talks made it clear that both parties wanted to organize a referendum on the merger.

Not enough communication about possible merger with Mechelen

“We haven’t fully communicated the possibility of a merger with Mesheren,” the press release said. “This made it look like everything was already in place.” Currently, the majority want to start from scratch and will also do a thorough investigation into the possibility of a merger with another neighboring municipality. is. “We keep informing the residents about this on a regular basis,” they promise.

After all investigations and discussions have been conducted, the majority of political parties want to organize a referendum. “Our residents can now express themselves about the future of our municipality,” they conclude. The majority present this proposal to all councilors on Monday night in the city council. We hope that all councilors will support our proposal.

Source: vrt


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