Former Minister Stephen Van Deputt needed three votes to be elected Vice-Chairman of the N-VA. He sees himself as a candidate for connection. “After the corona period, we feel we have to re-examine those connections.”

When it comes to the N-VA, it’s often about opposition within the party (whether recognized or not): soft (er) vs. hard (er), right vs. right. Someone like Theo Franken will have a hard side, and someone like Vice President Valerie Van Peel will have a soft side.

Or, Vice President Laurin Paris, who appointed the Pro League as CEO. De Wever, Parys, and Van Peel have joined together to form a close trio that led the party politically. And Lorin Parys, a former VLD member who tackled the “softer” issue, is now being taken over by Steven Vandeput, a former Defense Minister and current Mayor of Hasselt.

In the line of Paris, Van Deput sees himself as a connected person, not a conflict. For example, on Radio 1’s “Morning,” he said, “I’m proud to be trying to find a variety of opposite interests. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail.”

Vandeput believes that the party also needs that connection, without explicitly speaking about the alleged contradictions within the party. “We can accomplish a lot in the party, but we have hardly met each other since Corona. So that we can go to our parliament and finally the elections in 2024. We have to find a connection again. “

Questions about those elections-Does N-VA want to work with Vlaams Belang after those elections? –Vandeput has avoided it altogether.

Source: vrt


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