French-speaking party MRs confirm “without exception” “cordon médiatique”. The party announced this in a press release. Therefore, the French-speaking liberals respond to the criticisms received by President Georges-Louis Bushes for discussing with Tom Van Gleken, President of Frams Belan. In Wallonia, there is an agreement between political parties not to have discussions with extreme or extreme parties.

The day before yesterday, Georges-Louis Bushes, chairman of the majority party MR, had a discussion with Fraums Belan’s chairman Tom Van Gleeken at the “Tersake” studio. Bouchez has received a lot of criticism from PS, Ecolo and Les Engagés in its discussion. In Belgium, which speaks French, there has been an agreement for decades not to have discussions with extreme or extreme parties. It is “cordon médiatique”.

The two parties also enshrined this “cordon médiatique” in a 2002 agreement, providing a buffer “to formations and parties that disseminate clear ideologies and proposals that could attack the principles of democracy in the political system.” Did. One of the points of the agreement is that “we must refuse to participate in television and radio debates in which representatives of these formations or parties participate.”

According to PS, Ecolo and les Engagés, Bouchez crossed the red line in his discussion. They demanded more clarity from the MR and had a party about this until Monday afternoon. The debate has caused disagreements in the world of journalism in Wallonia, and some journalists consider the “cordon médiatique” to be outdated.

“Need to deepen the text”

The MR now states that it will “without exception” respect all aspects of the agreement. Therefore, the party seems to indicate itself that the chair’s actions would have violated the rules of the agreement. Even in the press release, there is a blow to my arm. MR wants to adjust the text of the agreement.

“We need to deepen our text by integrating new threats that emphasize our democracy: left and right radicalism, religious radicalism and populism of all kinds (…) Understanding new realities and means. The press release definitely refers to social media such as Twitter. According to the MR press release, “About these tragedy for our democracy and our country, the Dutch language. It would be nice to exchange ideas with the speaking Democrats. ”

Source: vrt


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