Steven Vandeput is the new Vice Chairman of N-VA. It was decided by the party council. N-VA had to find a new vice president after Laurin Paris left for the Pro League. Vandeput is a former Defense Minister and is now a member of the N-VA’s Flemish Parliament. He is also the mayor of Hasselt.

N-VA had to look for a new vice president when Lorin Parys announced at the end of last month that he was trading politics to gain CEO status in the professional league. Five N-VA members applied: Flanders MP Maaike De Vreese, MP Kathleen Depoorter, two Brussels MPs (Mathias Vanden Borre and Gilles Verstraete), and therefore Steven Vandeput.

Who is Stephen Foundation Putto?

Stephen Van Deput was appointed Minister of Defense and Public Affairs by the Government of Prime Minister Charles Michel in 2014. Before that, he was a member of parliament.

In November 2018, he resigned as Defense Minister to focus on Mayor Hasselt. In 2019, he picked up the sash. Vandeput is also a member of the Flanders Assembly.

Van Deput will be Vice President with Parliamentarian Valerie Van Peel. Valerie Van Peel maintains his position as Vice President.

Source: vrt


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