In Open VLD, relatives will soon be unable to sit on the party committee as voting members. It’s about a proposal from John VLD that was approved at yesterday’s party convention.

Currently, six of the 28 voting members of the party committee come from three families: Harman and Alexander Decrew, Patrick and Frank Dewael, and Karel and Jean-Jack Deguft. “It’s too much and not healthy,” says Philippe Nys, Chairman of Jong VLD. “Similar to the city council, there may be a mix of certain views that do not match the interests of the general party. I thought it was a good idea to extend the rules that exist in the city council to the party committee.”

In this way, we want to counteract the concentration of force and give space to other profiles.

Young VLD Chairman Philip Nice

That’s why last night the Liberal Party’s youth division submitted an amendment to prevent kinship between voting members of the party committee. “In this way, we want to counteract the concentration of power and give space to other profiles,” says Nys.

The young people attended the party convention all at once and pushed forward with this proposal. For De Croo, Dewael, and De Gucht families, fathers and sons should not leave immediately. The bill will only come into effect after the next board election in 2024. Relatives can stand together as candidates for board elections, but cannot sit together as voting members on the board.

“No rebellion”

“This is not a rebellion against a particular family or individual,” Nys said. “We started the Citizens’ Party in 1992. It’s a party built from bottom to top, but I don’t think it is today. One in five voting members is a family of three. Even with the fact that it comes from, the pay-for-performance principles we support (the idea that each individual’s position is based on merit) are not always practiced on their own. “

“I think the main message from our youth is that we have to rejuvenate and renew the party,” said Egbert Lachaert, Chairman of OpenVLD. “It wasn’t a frustrating night. We still have a lot of respect for the older people in our party, but we also have to give new people the opportunity.”

Source: vrt


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