CD & V (and broader politics) need to properly convert policies created in Wetstraat to Dorpstraat. It seems to be the mayor’s criticism of Breeze Beth van der Owella (CD & V) for the bad course that CD & V is taking. The mayor cites the “Nitrogen Agreement” as an example and thinks it should be reconsidered.

“Great work is being done,” said the mayor of Breeze Beth van der Owella (CD & V) in “Day 7” about the Federal Government’s Minister of CD & V. “But I don’t feel it with the people on the street.” The policy of “being able to explain at the cafe” needs to be better translated to the local power of attorney holder. The mayor considers this difficult translation to be a possible cause of the bad course CD & V is currently taking. The party is at stake, with unfortunate polls and a chairman who threw a towel and a resigned minister.

The hotly discussed nitrogen agreement was used as an example. “I’m the mayor of the municipality,” says Vander Auwera. “There are many guidelines, and suddenly the red company will be closed sooner. It will have a big impact. If it is suddenly introduced, where is the credible government?”

“Minister Clevit may have been sharper,” Van der Owella said of the nitrogen issue. “I miss research on socio-economic impacts. I’m even missing evidence that these measures will achieve my goals. If I want to explain that on the street, I need those research and background. I need the government. I can trust it. “

Power to the mayor?

Should the mayor be asked more? Are they ignored too often? “We often met local representatives before the Corona crisis,” said the party chairman of Chamber Servais Verherstraeten (CD & V). “We will go to war together in the 2024 elections. It goes without saying that we go one step further because our strength lies in our mayor,” Verherstraeten said.

“In the elections on the list, I think they will choose people from the base, not for those who have been kicked out from anywhere,” said Van der Owella, referring to Interior Minister Annelies Werlinden (CD & V). say. “The party’s decision must be properly translated by local representatives, and I really rely on Sammy,” said Secretary of State Sammy Mahdi, who may become the new chair of CD & V. CD & V) mentioned and said.

Source: vrt


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