MR President Georges-Louis Boucher has admitted for the first time that he did not know about the controversial visit to Crimea when Foreign Minister Hadjah Rabib was still a journalist. “There are no more problems for Ukraine. Hadjah Raabib has already met three times with Ukraine’s foreign minister and will visit Ukraine in the coming weeks.”

MR chairman Georges-Louis Bouchez does not regret appointing Hadja Lahbib as foreign minister. Bouchez named Lahbib as foreign minister this summer, but she quickly came under fire for traveling to Crimea via Russia as a journalist. This is not allowed by Ukrainian law.

When the incident came to light, Ukraine particularly strongly condemned Raviv’s visit. According to Bouchez, relations with Ukraine have since returned to normal.

“There are no more problems with Ukraine. Hadjah Raabib has already met with Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Kuleva three times. It has been said several times this week. She will visit Ukraine. The date of the visit to Ukraine has not been given. “For security reasons it should not be done. Belgium is one of the only countries where neither prime minister nor foreign minister has visited Ukraine. It will be in the coming weeks.” explains Bushes.

Bouchez is a firm supporter of Lahbib’s nomination. “If there is a question whether I regret the appointment of Hajjah Rabib, absolutely not. I am very proud of her appointment. I can be proud to represent our country.I didn’t know in advance that she was her.I visited Crimea.It was never mentioned.It has been an issue before. This was a journey she took as a journalist and certainly should not be considered an endorsement.

“I never expected that there would be controversy about her visit, but neither did Haja Rabib. Today, the matter has been resolved and all is well again,” concludes Boucher. increase.

Source: vrt


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