Overhead power lines are the only future-oriented solution for the Ventilus project. It was appointed by the Flanders Minister of Energy to unravel the difficult file on the new high-voltage lines planned in West Flanders. “Agreements can be reached on some issues, but in this file it is white or black.”

Rewind to better understand this story. The Flemish government has been struggling with the Ventilus project for quite some time. This is a new high-voltage line planned in West Flanders, which needs to carry power from sea wind turbines internally. The grid operator’s area wants to build part of its route 20 kilometers above the ground, which has caused many protests in some municipalities in West Flemish. They are concerned about the potential impact of those lines and want to install them underground.

Interim Ventilus route with 22 kilometers of new overhead line

A few years ago, Flemish Energy Minister Zuhal Demir (N-VA) was deliberately an expert trying to coordinate the position of the grid operator’s area with local action groups and the mayor to get rid of deadlocked files. Appointed Guy Vroeberg. ..


Well, the same guy Vloebergh has just finished his report. Something leaked about it here and there: The tone of the report was that the intent still seemed to dislike underground or ground lines. But he put a dot on the “morning” i on Radio 1.

“We have investigated all the possibilities in our team, and we have also investigated whether underground pipes are technically feasible,” he explains. “For example, we see the German (underground) pipeline used to transfer energy from one point to another. The problem is that it’s only part of the Ventilus project and it’s actually it. It’s not a substitute .. “. “

Citizens’ platforms actually put the problem of magnetic radiation from high-voltage lines on the map.

Intendant Guy Vroevberg

The bottom line is that Ventilus can not only transport electricity from the wind farm to the inside, but also underground. However, Ventilus was set up to serve as a backup for another high-voltage line from the wind farm (Stevin) and, for example, as a reinforcement of the power grid to absorb failures. The latter is only possible if you can change the direction of the flow on the line. In that case, the AC voltage must flow across the line, which is only possible on the ground.

“Currently, ground lines are the only technical solution for developing robust, future-oriented power grids that can enable energy transitions,” Vloebergh said frankly. “They can also provide a perspective on future developments that may be underground.”

And healthy?

The intent proposes a possible alternative, for example, to lay an existing low-voltage line in West Flanders underground. The area may also buy a home near the planned high voltage lines.

He also acknowledges civic platform concerns about the potential health effects of high-voltage lines (from magnetic radiation). “They really put the problem on a map, so we included in the report that we needed to fix the standard at the Flemish level and create a measurement system to make the data transparent and available to everyone. It was monitored, enforced, and there is more insight into the problem. “

According to him, tens of thousands of people in West Flanders have been worried for too long. “Therefore, my main attraction is to make quick decisions in either direction to eliminate the uncertainty of many people.”

Reach out

Flanders Minister Demir said yesterday that the Flanders government wanted to make a decision, but that the solution had to be “supported.” These will be difficult discussions with Minister Crevits from the area where the Ventilus project is underway.

Vloebergh is very clear about this: every choice hurt someone. “Agreement can be reached on some issues, but in this file it is white or black. You have to choose. Then, a constructive way to do this in the best possible way. You need to contact people at .. is implemented, but this is currently needed.

Source: vrt


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