PS has 13 package of measures ready to increase purchasing power as inflation has risen to unprecedented levels. This includes the introduction of average rates for middle class energy rates. This package is suitable for an average support of € 300 per month.

PS Chairman Paul Manyette pointed out that not everyone feels high inflation and energy prices equally strong. With the measures already taken by the government, the minimum income is reasonably protected and the highest income is barely felt. However, the middle class, which is not subject to structural measures, is not well protected.

The first series of four measures target income, including maintaining an automated index, amending wage standards, raising minimum income, and lowering low and middle income tax rates.

In addition, there are seven measures to absorb high energy prices. For example, making a 6% VAT on energy permanent, extending social energy rates, creating “intermediate rates” for middle-tier energy bills, fuel-fueled families, and professional travel. Increased reimbursement of costs. There are also two regional measures for tenants, which are the responsibility of the Government of Wallon and the Government of Brussels.

It costs € 6.5 billion in total, or € 5 billion after deducting the recovery effect, to fund these measures estimated by PS, but French-speaking socialists have two packages. increase. Abolition of tax exemptions on large-scale heritage and capital gains on stocks, while taxing surplus profits of energy companies.

PS Chairman Paul Manette hopes that the government will be able to discuss this package at the end of May, when a group of experts have completed their first report. He also looks forward to suggestions from coalition partners.

Source: vrt


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