Malta Cavalli had another Grand Boukle in mind. One of my favorite Italians had to give up on the second stage after the big crash. She suffered an injury to her skull.

“There isn’t much news about Malta. She has a skull injury,” team manager Stephen Delcourt said when he arrived in Provan. “We are in contact with the doctor. She was taken to the hospital, where she goes under the scanner.”

About 25km from the finish, several riders, including Cavalli, crashed. The number two Giro d’Italia in the past was hit fast by Australian champion Nicole Frain. Cavalli sat on the ground for a few minutes, then returned to the bike and finally gave up.

“She was shocked. We didn’t want to take the risk,” Delcourt said. “She hesitated to continue, but the team said no. We don’t want to play in the rider’s life.”

“We are very worried. You have seen a very dramatic fall and how dangerous our sport is. We really have to be careful. I am We are very concerned about the safety of our riders. ”

There were some crashes in the last 30km of the second stage. In addition to Cavalli, her compatriot Gaia Massetti had to give up, as Laura Subermitch did. According to the Plantur-Pura team, Germans are being tested at the hospital for possible fractures.

Tour de France Femmes
get on date Vehicle type start end total winner leader
1 Road race Paris-Paris 81.6 km Weaves Weaves
2 Road race Mo-state 136.4 km fox fox
3 Road race Lance-Epernay 133.6 km
Four Road race Troyes-Bar-sur-Aube 126.8 km
Five Road race Bar-le-Duc-Saint-Die-des-Vosges 175.6 km
6 Road race San Diego de Vosges-Rosheim 128.6 km
7 Road raceMountain stage Celesta-Le Marcstein 127.1 km
8 Road raceMountain stage Lure-La Planche de Belle Phil 123.3 km

Source: Sporza


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