Simon Mignolet returned to level with some excellent saves against Zulte Waregem, but he too was unable to prevent Club Brugge from losing points for the second time this season. “We hoped that with the win at home, the game against Eupen would soon be forgotten.”

The club missed a goal early in the match. With his two excellent saves on Dompe’s attempts, Simon his Mignolet once again held the national champion upright.

“It was mainly due to some personal mistakes we made. Zulte Waregem played well, and if we miss chances, we hope the goalkeeper will catch him, and luckily we can.”

“We were all disappointed after the defeat at Eupen. We were hoping that with a win at home, we could quickly forget about that game. As a group of players, we have to see what we can do individually. Everyone should stand in front of it’mirror. “

“It’s not enough for Club Brugge to draw at home, even more so if they lose the previous game. It’s a shame. We did the hardest thing by taking the lead. Then the second. I hope we get the chance and get the support of the public.” We can score the third goal.”

“As long as Zulte Waregem continue to play football at 1-0, it will be dangerous on the counter. Then that one chance is gone and they score. It is a bitter draw and we are happy.” No. Score 9 out of 9 instead of 4 out of 9.”

“We shouldn’t doubt our individual qualities now. There are a lot of new players that need to be consolidated. With the competition off to a spectacular start, their adjustment would have been a little easier. We need to make sure everyone is calm.The only way to turn this around is to win.”

Source: Sporza


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