Emma Miesmann showed no mercy to former club Washington Mystics on Friday. Chicago won by 10 points over Washington: 93-83. Your Allemand got her 3 and Miesmann her 10.

Emma Miesmann played for Washington from 2013-2020. But her new employer Chicago had something to right after Wednesday’s loss to Dallas, and Washington felt it right away in the first quarter.

Chicago quickly got away 29-15. The visitors will never close that gap again.The last quarter was the only time Washington came a little closer. The match he finished 93-83 (29-15, 26-19, 22-21, 16-28).

Miesmann had 10 points, 5 assists and 4 rebounds. She was on the field for over 27 minutes, ten minutes longer than Allemando. He finished with four assists, three points and two rebounds.

Chicago won 24 out of 32 games to consolidate its lead. The team has already qualified for the playoffs, and the regular season ends on August 14.

Source: Sporza


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