4 out of 9 are not the start of the competition as the Club Brugge family hoped. Then, the eyes are turned to the head coach who debuts for the first time (casually). Carl Hoefkens didn’t sarcastically ask questions, but he didn’t hesitate to ask them either.

do not turn the pot

It’s a decision I won’t give up. With three games to go in the competition for Club Brugge, goalkeeper Simon Mignolet has often been a key player in the national champions, and already in the first quarter, he scored against his Zulte Waregem. It was a 2x savior (see video).

However, according to his coach and goalkeeper, Club Brugge hadn’t played badly for at least an hour, but Simon Mignolet didn’t care about the pot after the game.

“We wanted a dominant win at home and an early game against Eupen. It’s very sad that we couldn’t do that. If you’re Club Brugge, the standings and the opponents. You shouldn’t watch.You just have to win 9-9 at home. We have to change that now.”

A vision shared by his trainer. Karl Hefkens didn’t look for excuses. Not Jan Breydel’s transfer file, not an argument that he didn’t have much time to reflect his vision on the team. “For 70 minutes, I played the football I want to watch.”

“In attack we were dominant and we got a lot of second balls. We were happy with that and we showed it during the break. I found Freeman

we have to build something. It should lead to results. The most important thing in football is to get three points.

“We collapsed after 1-0 and could have played on the counter, but at the moment we definitely don’t want to,” said Hoefkens. “We have to build something, but it has to be tied to results. That’s my biggest frustration tonight.”

“The most important thing in football is to get three points, but at the moment that’s not happening. If you don’t win two games, there’s just pressure.”

busy! The word was dropped at the press conference. Hefkens is on his honeymoon as head coach. Doubting is human. Do the current results leave a question in the young trainer’s mind that one journalist wanted to know?

“I’m not putting pressure on myself right now, I’m just trying to get everyone on the same page, and the results will come.”

Hefkens will also have to count on his goalkeeper in the coming days. “My role now is to keep the peace,” Simon Mignolet said after the match.

“Of course, we should not doubt the quality of the individual. The only way to turn this situation around is to win next week.”

Mbaye Leye: ‘A draw that feels more like it’

Like Club Brugge, Zulte Waregem started the competition four out of nine, but after last year’s relegation battle, the perception in that part of West Flanders is of course completely different.

“Even if it’s a match against the national champion, it was important to at least try to get something here,” said trainer Mbaye Leye. It’s the place that kept us in the game.”

”In the second half the club left a little bit of space in the side and it was good to take advantage of it because my players really worked like crazy.”

“It was a draw in the end, but it feels like more than that for us. This is a reference game for my group. It is easy to play high and play football boldly at Club Brugge. It’s not a matter of

Source: Sporza


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