Thank you for waiting. Arsenal and Crystal Palace officially kicked off the new Premier League season yesterday. An ideal moment for analyst Geert De Vlieger to look inside his own crystal ball. “The duo of De Bruyne and Haaland will lead City to another title.”

‘It will be the next fight between City and Liverpool’

Last season saw a very exciting title battle between Manchester City and Liverpool. A solid game of arm wrestling that the Citizens won on the final day. According to Geert De Vlieger, it’s a scenario that will repeat itself this season.

“Last year we still had the feeling that Chelsea and United were going to be a bit of a mix, but in the end they were evenly matched. The gap between third and fourth is too big and we’re going to be second again.”Same Two teams,” says the former Red Devil.

City and Liverpool have remained strong or are going from strength to strength.

“Both teams are as strong or even stronger. Tottenham and United are busy catching up, but I think City have a little more chance. Also thanks to Erling Haaland, who we met this summer.”

“There was some commotion after the Norwegian missed out on a few chances in the Community Shield, but I think this duo will lead De Bruyne Haaland City to a new title.”

Liverpool dealt well with Mane departure

Liverpool also have a new attacker this year. The vice-championship saw one of his Goldcrest moves to Bayern with Sadiomane as he moved to Munich, with Uruguay’s target his striker Darwin Nunez, who he deposited €75 million with.

“Liverpool responded well to the departure of Mane. They brought in Nunez from Benfica and immediately it became a direct addition. Of course, I was able to extend Salah’s contract.”

“Klopp and his team know they were stuck on one point last year. They can also challenge City this year. It’s important not to miss a point in a clearly easy competition. Head-to-head with City will make a difference,” explained De. Freeger.

“Trossard’s performance is still underexposed in Belgium”

With the Premier League kicking off, a number of Belgian players are back on the English field each week. Which compatriot is De Vlieger most looking forward to?

“De Bruyne is probably the best player in the Premier League at the moment, but we also have players like Thielemans and Dendoncker. It’s clear that a new generation of Belgians is heading to England. Think Mangala and Onana. .”

“Trossard’s performance still felt a little underexposed in Belgium. It does… better than many think,” the analyst concludes.

Source: Sporza


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