The Belgian Athletics today announced a wide selection for the European Athletics Championships in Munich. In total, the Belgian delegation consists of over 48 individual athletes and his four relay teams.

Belgium has selected 48 athletes, sending its largest delegation to the European Championships since the European Championships in Brussels in 1950, when 50 athletes were selected.

The most striking name in the Belgian selection is Nafi Thiam. The heptathlon’s brand-new world champion previously indicated he had doubts about her participation in the European Championships, and now that she’s on the list, it looks like she’ll be traveling to Germany after all.

Belgian Tornados still has to fill the last two spots. Kevin and Dylan Bollie, Alexander Doom and Julian Watlin.

At the last European Championships held in Berlin in 2018, Belgium won six medals. This year’s European Championship starts on his August 15th and ends on August 21st.

Belgian selection:

  • Woman:
    Lani Rossius (100m, 4x100m)
    Delfin Ncantha (100m, 200m, 4x100m)
    Imke Vervaet (200m, 4x400m)
    Cynthia Bolingo (400m, 4x400m)
    Camille Routh (400m, 4x400m)
    Naomi Van den Brooke (400m, 4x400m)
    Helena Ponnet (4x400m)
    Vanessa Scoonet (800m)
    Elise Vandererst (1,500m)
    Lisa Rooms (5,000m)
    Anne Zagre (100m hurdles)
    Paulien Coucuyt (400m hurdles)
    Hanne Claes (400m hurdles, 4x400m)
    Nina Hespel (400m hurdles)
    Elaine Dalemans (3,000m steeplechase)
    Vanessa Sterckendries (hammer throw)
    Mieke Golissen (marathon)
    Hanne Verbruggen (Marathon)
    Astrid Verhoeven (Marathon)
    Nafi Thiam (Heptathlon)
    Noor Vidts (Heptathlon)
    Marine Jehaas (4x100m)
    Elise Mewis (4x100m)
    Mariam Urea (4x100m)
    Lani Vinke (4x100m)
  • male: Kobe Flemings (100m, 4x100m)
    Robin Vanderbemden (200m, 4x100m)
    Kevin Boley (400m, 4x400m)
    Dylan Boley (400m, 4x400m)
    Alexander Doom (400m, 4x400m)
    Elliott Crestan (800m)
    Tivo de Smet (800m)
    Aurel Vandeput (800m)
    Ismael Debiani (1,500m)
    Ruben Verheiden (1,500m)
    Tariq Mukrime (1,500m)
    Isaac Kimeri (5,000m, 10,000m)
    Michael Sommers (5,000m, 10,000m)
    Simon Devony (10,000m)
    Michael Obasui (110m hurdles)
    Julian Watlin (400m Hurdles, 4x400m)
    Doris van Nieuwenhof (400m hurdles)
    Tim Van de Velde (3,000m steeplechase)
    Remi Sins (3,000m steeplechase)
    Thomas Carmoy (high jump)
    Ben Broaders (pole vault)
    Philip Milanov (discus thrower)
    Timothy Herman (Javelin Throw)
    Cohennert (marathon)
    Sufjan Buczyki (Marathon)
    Nicolai Sake (Marathon)
    Thomas Van der Plaetsen (decathlon)
    Niels Pittomvils (decathlon)
    Valentine Hoornart (4x100m)
    Ward Merckx (4x100m)
    Jordan Pacotte (4x100m)
    Simon Verherstraeten (4x100m)

Source: Sporza


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