Joao Almeida (UAE) is determined to be the best in the Vuelta. The Portuguese was quicker than Miguel Angel Lopez on the final stage of the Tour of Burgos on the climb to Lagunas de Neira.Pavel Sivakov’s overall win was never in jeopardy. Ilan Van Wilder finished in his 5th place and moved up a place in the final standings.

The final stage profile invited us to flip the taxonomy. However, Ineos (thanks in part to the powerful Lawrence de Plas) imposed a tight pace on the final climb with Pavel Sivakov serving.

A hungry hippo devoured Chris Harper for the last time. At that moment we were already so close to the top that Sivakov’s overall win was already certain.

The French (who, until recently, were Russians) could not put the crown on the work. In the final stages, he had to rely on Miguel Angel Lopez (until recently inactive due to his alleged role in a doping scandal) and João Almeida.

Shortly before that, Almeida was hanging on a stretcher, while the Portuguese rides his bike like a cat with seven lives. With the finish in sight, Lopez had to give in.

Less than two weeks after the Vuelta, Almeida, Lopez and overall winner Sivakov made it to the Tour of Burgos, but the opposition will be tougher later.

From the Belgian angle, Ilan van Wilder’s performance is particularly promising. The 22-year-old Belgian, who is still at Quick Step-Alpha Vinyl, seems finally free from illness and injury, and the results show. He finished 5th in the final standings, his best professional result.

Result stage 5
1. Joao Almeida (Pol) 170 km in 4 hours 6 minutes 19 seconds
2. Miguel Angel Lopez (Col) zt
3. Pavel Sivakov (Fra) at seven”
Four. Carlos Rodriguez (Spa) 15″
Five. ilan van wilder twenty one”
6. Ruben Guerreiro (Pol) 28″
7. Jay Hindley (Aus) 33″
8. Kenny Elisondo (France) 43″
9. Hugh Carthy (GBr) 48″
Ten. Wilko Kelderman (Ned) 48″
Burgos final standings tour (2.Pro)
1. Pavel Sivakov (Fra) 19:00’23”
2. Joao Almeida (Pol) in 35 inches
3. Miguel Angel Lopez (Col) 35″
Four. Carlos Rodriguez (Spa) 41″
Five. ilan van wilder 42″
6. Ruben Guerreiro (Pol) 47″
7. Jay Hindley (Aus) 52″
8. Santiago Buitrago (Col) 1’06”
9. Wilko Kelderman (Ned) 1’09”
Ten. Kenny Elisondo (France) 1’18”

Source: Sporza


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