The Peters family had great success at the World Kayak Championships in Halifax, Canada, but they didn’t win (exactly) two medals.

Hermien Peters, who finished 6th at the last Olympics, competes with Olympic champions Lisa Carrington (1’58″69) and Annamaria Govortinovich (1’59) in the K1 500m A-final in a 2-second chrono 00″51.”97) and Jules Hake (2’00″30).

Peters ended up 21/100 too late for the bronze. On Sunday she will join Lize Broekx in her A final of her K2 in her 500m.

Artuur Peters came close to the podium by 3’41″84. Hungarian Olympic champion Balint Kopasz held off Portugal’s world champion Fernando Pimenta in the sprint. Peters ended up 1.5 too late. I didn’t get the podium.

Source: Sporza


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