Just one week before the European Athletics Championships, a number of Belgian participants took part in a Munich trial run at the Montmeeting in Kessello.

Mon van den Einde is the legendary trainer of top Belgian players such as Ivo Van Damme, Gaston Roland and Miel Puttemans.

Vanden Einde, who died in 1989, must have been fascinated by Robin Hendricks’ 3000 meters.

Cynthia Bolingo set the Belgian record in the 300m. It was already in her name (36’54) but was honed to 36’47. She was ahead of some other Belgian cheetahs. Helena Ponnet ran 37 inches 07 seconds and Paulien Cookitt 37 inches 56 seconds.

In the men’s 400 meters, Jonathan Borlée was the fastest on his return after tearing a muscle at 46 inches 33 seconds.

As such, Borlé appears to be claiming one of two places still unfilled in the European Championship at Tornado, Belgium. Jonathan Thakur was stuck in his low Kessel in 46.72 seconds. He is in balance with Christian Iguacer and a decision will be made on Monday.

In the 400m hurdles, Hanne Klaas set a season-best 55-inch 23.

Source: Sporza


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