Talking Moments on STVV – Yesterday’s Anderlecht. Christian Brüls kicked Jari his Verschelen hard in the second half. Despite VAR’s intervention, Nicolas Laforge did not draw a red card. It didn’t get a word of thanks from Brüls, but “the referee was silly. Perhaps he should have stood out a little bit”.

It was then an Eleven Sports interviewer who was confronted with Brüls’ grave mistake. German-speaking Belgians showed little guilt.

“Sometimes it’s frustrating,” he laughs. “If this could be red, I don’t know what other players get for some mistakes. Verschaeren sometimes has to feel like they still have opponents on the field, so I worked a little harder.I didn’t mean to.I’m going to kill him anyway.” I was injured and hit him with my knee.

Source: Sporza


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