The top club did not drop a stitch on the fourth game day. Anderlecht started the season with 9 of his 12, club his Brugge got off to a difficult start, but football his analyst Peter his van den Bempt was particularly impressed with Genk. “The sun is shining on Genk.”

“Fabio Silva has more energy than Zirczy”

Anderlecht won 3-0 at Sint-Truiden, but it was always a difficult move for Purple & White. They have also won only 3 of their last 10 games at the renewed artificial turf Steien.

STVV also performed well. In 12 games he lost only 6 goals and in the 60s he was able to match the historic series by Raymond Goethals. Then from Anderlecht simply well done.

As noted by the coach, the heat allowed STVV to put less energy into the game than usual. And it turned out that Anderlecht has, by far, the best football players.

Fabio Silva took the lead and was already a sensation in the first few weeks of the season. Not surprisingly, the player Wolverhampton paid him €40 million two years ago. Also, I can see why. Good technique, fast and agile, very energetic and not afraid to work defensively…

He is also very efficient in the box, scoring 5 goals and 2 assists in 6 games. Those are tough numbers, tougher than last season’s other great talent, Joshua Zirkzee.

The big difference between the two is energy. With sheer grace and grace, Jilksey often appeared absent-minded and casual. It used to be nerve-wracking, but it’s nothing like Silva.

In any case, Anderlecht must pass through Europe’s Young Boys Bern, after which it can continue to grow peacefully.

But Anderlecht has more than that. At 36, Lior Refalov is still decisive in the first few weeks of the season.

Francis Ams continues from last season’s playoffs. Yari Verschaeren is clearly happy with the new free role given to him by Mazzu. Also, at just 17, he had no problem making his Mario Stroekens debut.

With a 9 out of 12 score and European qualifiers, Felice Mats is off to a great start at Anderlecht. Only the blackout against Cercle Brugge and his Paide Linnameeskond is a bit disturbing at the same time. That lower bound should no longer be so low.

In any case, the next week and a half is very important. In any case, Anderlecht must pass through Europe’s Young Boys Bern, after which it can continue to grow peacefully.

“Karl Hefkens scores points as a coach”

Club Brugge were already essential to the champions after winning 3-0 in Leuven and having one of six players in their last two games.

Goalkeeper Simon Mignolet had to put in a good performance every time to earn a measly 4 out of 9 points. Then there is the criticism of Club Brugge’s new status.

If you also have Karl Hefkens’ new debut coach, there are already some questions here and there. is. I remembered the first few weeks of Vincent Company.

Hefkens won by one-sixth if, at his own request, he benched his best players alongside Noah Lang and left out the nominal route former for the match against Ruben. Better.

The former national champion didn’t need a good Mignolet to win. It must have been before the playoffs last season.

Hofkens scored points with Ruben as coach. His team turned out to be perfectly prepared to neutralize the OHL special game.

In my opinion, the first 20-25 minutes were the best Club Brugge has shown so far this season: pressing, forward movement, chances and good goals.

A special mention to Noah Lang nonetheless. He has been waiting for his dream transfer for a long time, but he continues to work. Dutch was an excellent stand-in, his flirtatious, hot-tempered, and provocative self. No brakes, just played football at Club Brugge.

For example, a national champion deserves to win and once didn’t need an outstanding Mignolet to win. It must have been before the playoffs last season.

Hans Vanaken was even allowed to miss two penalties. I checked it out: that’s about as much as the rest of his career combined, he’s missed three of his 24 games before, but the club even allowed it in Leuven yesterday. did it.

“The sun shines on Genk”

Genk also scored a smooth victory on the Zulte Waregem field: 1-4. According to Waregem coach Mbaye Leye, Genk is the best team at the moment and I agree with him.

It brought the best, most complete and most compelling football from day one. Yesterday at Waregem he also brought a great combination of speed, technique, movement and depth.

And what coach Wouter Vrancken also emphasized is the collective spirit. Also, there is a lot of “dirty” work going on that shows exemplary thinking. He also received it compared to many competitions from last year.

The downside is that players often drop out. He already has four players left when compared to the basic team that performed well in Brugge on the first day.

Genk brings you the best, most complete, most compelling football from day one.

Oyen retired, Ito left, top scorer Dessers left and Lucumi went to Italy. Up-and-coming talent Bilal El Khanouss was also among the discoveries of the first few weeks.

The Mike Tresor, in the know, may still live up to the high expectations after a year’s delay. Paintsil is a player who needs confidence and he has it now. And a very interesting young striker, Andras Nemes, always seems to score.

I think captain Brian Heinen has reached his level again. he is clearly relieved. After that, Onuachu still has to come back, but it may be a while before he reaches his standards.

I would also like to mention goalkeeper Maarten Vandevort. He’s already secured a move to Leipzig two years after him, but he’s motivated to improve, rather than rest on his laurels.
In Genk, the sun also metaphorically shines.

Peter Vandenbemp

Source: Sporza


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