Five Belgians (four men and one woman) are participating in the European Table Tennis Championships in Munich. Allegro and Lambier were killed in the quarter-finals of the doubles tournament, while singles Adrian Lassenfosse and Cedric Naitink qualified for the 1/16 final.

Nuytinck and Rassenfosse score great wins

Cedric Nuytinck (ITTF-90) finished in the top 32 in singles. Our compatriot showed guts and character by defeating world number 32 Roberto Gardos of Austria.

The fourth set was a crucial moment. Nuytinck cleared his points three sets and still pulled a set to himself. After that, springs broke on Gardos: 14-12, 5-11, 11-7, 13-11, 11-6.

Adrien Rassenfosse did even better if possible. Our 19-year-old compatriot had turned his back on Frenchman Simon Gauzy (ITTF-27), but in the last game he won a stunning 4-3 (11- 9, 8-11, 11-7, 12-14, 2-11, 11-7, 11-7).

Allegro and Lambier lose to top duo in doubles quarterfinals

men’s singles
1/16 final Cedric Naitink (ITTF-90) Alexis Leblanc (Fra-ITTF-30) freedom
Adrian Lassenfosse (ITTF-135) Tomislav Pukal (Kro-ITTF-47) freedom
1/32 final Cedric Naitink Robert Gardos (Oos) 4-1
Martin Allegro Alexis Leblanc (France) 1-4
Florent Ranbier Felix Leblanc (France) 4-1
Adrian Lassenfosse Simon Gorgey (Hula) 4-3
group 2 Martin Allegro Anton Limonov (Great Britain) 3-0
Martin Allegro Alexander Karakasevic (Ser) 3-0
group 3 Cedric Naitink Daniel Berzosa (Spa) 3-0
Cedric Naitink Tobias Rasmussen (Den) 3-0
group 10 Adrian Lassenfosse Tyren Csvetko (SVN) 3-0
Adrian Lassenfosse Tal Israeli (Isr) 3-0
group 16 Florent Ranbier Marios Iangou (Cyp) 3-0
Florent Ranbier Ljubomir Pistei (SVK) 3-1
Florent Ranbier Constantinos Constantinopoulos (Gri) 3-0
women’s singles
Group 9 Margot Degraf Suo Boys (Ned) 0-3
Margot Degraf Ramona Betts (Finn) 3-0
round 1 Margot Degraf Mateja Jeger (Black) 2-3
doubles men
qualifying round Rassenfosse/Haug (Noo) Zhmoedenko/Limonov (UK) 3-0
1/16 final Rassenfosse/Haug (Noo) Sirucek/Martinko (Ch) 1-3
1/16 final Nuytinck/Dyjas (Pol) Zeljko/Kojic (Black) 3-1
1/16 final Lambite/Allegro Hribar/Cvetko (SVN) 3-0
1/8 final Lambite/Allegro Majoros/Andras (Book) 3-0
1/8 final Nuytinck/Dyjas (Pol) Persson/Källberg (Sweden) 2-3
quaterfinals Lambite/Allegro Faruk/Carlsson (Sweden) 0-3
women’s doubles
qualifying round Degraef/Zhang (Spa) Sorya (Austria) / Seftikova (Ch) 0-3
mixed doubles
qualifying round Tauber (Isr)/Degraef Caballero/Chan (Spa) 0-3

Source: Sporza


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