Dylan Borlée finishes fifth in the men’s 400m final. Cynthia Bollingo finished seventh in the women’s competition, behind Femke Boll of the Netherlands. Spaniard Asiel Martinez won the 110m hurdles by a margin of 1 in 1000, while Pedro Picciardo dominated the triple jump as usual.

Belgians on August 17
athlete number/discipline
Nafi Tiami heptathlon follow here
Norwegian heptathlon follow here
Doris Van Nieuwenhof Series 400m Hurdles 50″85 (up to 19th, HF)
Nina Hespel Series 400m Hurdles 56″72 (up to 10th, HR)
Philip Milanov Discus qualification 61.04m (15th, out)
Dylan Boley Final 400m 5th at 45″39
Cynthia Bolingo Final 400m 7th place at 50″94

Source: Sporza


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