Club Brugge can already play the champion next Sunday. Victory in the field of Antwerp is enough. But even if it’s as simple as it might look to a team with nothing left to gain, the club doesn’t receive it as a gift. This is guaranteed by Dominique van Landegem, a spokesman for the Antwerp Supporters’ Federation.

Union fans can rest assured that Antwerp will not be able to move forward with all their might against Club Brugge. Antwerp is certainly in fourth place, but the clash with Club Brugge is a real blow to their fame.

“We definitely want to avoid Club Brugge playing the champion in our field. We look forward to the swirling Bosile Stadium,” says Dominique van Landegem.

The rivalry between Antwerp and Club Brugge is nothing new. More than a century ago, in 1907, there was coverage in the newspaper about the escalation of supporters during a match between two traditional clubs.

I definitely want to prevent Club Brugge from becoming a champion in our field

“It’s really hard. Every match between Antwerp and Bruges is special. Men like Delae and Haroun also understand the value of the match and definitely tell other players how important it is. “Van Landegem says.

Union goodwill also plays a role in motivating Antwerp on Sunday. “Empathy for Union is much greater than for Bruges. The story of the weak who will eventually become the champion is what we want to participate in,” explains Van Landegem.

Antwerp itself was a mixed season. As a result, supporters have mixed feelings.

Van Randegem: “I’m grateful for the steps I’ve taken in the last few years, but I’m disappointed in the playoffs. Priske’s farewell is almost real, so we need to consider a new strategy for next year. Season. Look forward to it. I am doing it. ”

Source: Sporza


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