Belgium’s fourth World Cup medal has arrived. Vlad Van Mechelen after a crazy Junior World Cup in the small group sprint he came third. An ambition he had long ago. “I never told anyone, but a podium was definitely my goal,” the 18-year-old said.

After a grueling Junior World Championship, Vlad Van Mechelen was very handsome in 3rd place. The best two flew away, after which the young Belgian sprinted brilliantly to claim the bronze medal. How did he experience his last kilometer?

“My sprint may not have looked so likely in the image, but it was pretty good compared to other people’s legs,” Van Mechelen said, draping the medal around his neck.

“Today’s race was unusual. We raced 130km on full throttle. Those two were the frontrunners for me as well. I’m very happy with it. What a wonderful thing. Best 3!”

Van Mechelen started the sprint late. “I wanted to start the sprint faster than everyone else and it worked. In the last 50 meters I kicked with one leg, I was completely cramped. Of course I am fast, but I am a top sprinter. No. Small groups to the end, that’s my job.”

Were Herzog and Morgado too strong? “Yes, Herzog in particular went on a great road on the edge of Mount Pleasant in search of the Portuguese. ”

Van Mechelen is now a Promise on the DSM Training Team. “I want to be there soon and win the prize. I didn’t dare to brag here, but the podium was really my goal.

He’s quick on his feet, of course, but he’s not a top sprinter.My motto is to reach the goal with a small number of people

Reactions from other Belgians:

  • Sente Sentence: “Especially on a track like that, it was very strong for Vlad to win the bronze medal. I found it very difficult, a little too difficult. The race was very fast from the first lap and It exploded at the steepest part.I had fun.Despite the bad weather and accumulation of waterfalls.”

Source: Sporza


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