The Yellow Tigers will play their first game at the Volleyball World Cup on Saturday. Puerto Rico are Arnhem’s Gerredome opponents and it will soon be an important match. “It’s hard to fix a mistake,” Gert Vande Broek knows.

“Five years ago, after we were eliminated from the 2018 World Cup, we set ourselves the goal of completing this World Cup, because we also wanted to achieve our goal at the world level, but the Olympic Games were not possible.”

“I am ranked 12th in the world rankings, which is my best ever, so my goal is to reach the second round of the World Cup. It may depend on some set to a lesser extent and is therefore unpredictable.”

Missing the quarterfinals? “To do that, I would have to do two stunts instead of one against top countries like Italy and China. That is not a realistic goal. I want to be 10th.”

For that, the Yellow Tigers need to join the World Cup soon. “The opening game against Puerto Rico is very important. Puerto Rico is just 18th in the world rankings.

“Now you can switch between the three systems.”

After a strong World Cup run, the Yellow Tigers can blow away the disappointment of being relegated from the Volley Nations League.

“For example, COVID-19 hit an important match and players were absent. Another time, a package arrived six days late.”

And Vande Broek isn’t just looking at the downsides. “There are also advantages to not competing in the Nations League next year.As a challenger nation that, unlike the big powers, can be relegated, we must not underestimate how much it will cost us.”

“In the Nations League, every game we put our backs on the wall. Every game is important for the world ranking. is now possible.”

“Jutta Van de Vyver is our first game distributor, but our other game distributors Eveline Van Sas and Charlotte Krenicky also know their role depending on the system we play. , I tried it extensively at the Tournoi de France.”

Source: Sporza


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