The incident in question dates back five months, but the English Football Federation FA has now decided to indict Cristiano Ronaldo for violent conduct. knocked a young Everton fan’s phone out of his hand.

April 9, 2022. Cristiano his Ronaldo sullenly steps into the dressing room after his 1-0 defeat to Everton’s tail his team. His shins were bloody and he had a frustrating match. Portuguese pot boils for a second when Ronaldo whimsically bumps into the mobile phone of an Everton filming fan.

The incident quickly caused controversy on social media. Hours after the fact, Ronaldo apologizes that way. Liverpool police launch an investigation, but the Portuguese star gets a warning and flees.

Now, five months after the incident, the FA has decided it does not want Ronaldo’s actions to go unpunished. The English Football Federation has confirmed that it has charged Ronaldo with “improper and/or violent behaviour”.

It is not yet clear what the consequences of that charge will be.

Ronaldo’s apology after the incident:

Source: Sporza


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