Heading into the World Cycling Championships, the Sporza stars have once again been brushed aside. Marianne Boss and Lotte Kopecky are the frontrunners for the Women’s World Cup.

3-star championship riders and Belgian hopes

For the best three-star favorites, the jury chooses Marianne Voss, who has spliced ​​the title together, and Lotte Kopecky, who has carried the hopes of the Flemish public on her shoulders.

Voss is one of the few women’s peloton players preparing to grow taller, especially for this World Cup.

Kopecky has stepped up this year. After stellar victories at the Spring Strade her Bianche and the Tour of Flanders, she is also looking to win the World Cup in the fall.

2 star Italian rider and Annemiek van Vleuten

A step below Vos and Kopecky is Italian leader Annemiek van Vleuten.

Can Elisa Balsamo’s quick legs swallow up Mount Pleasant for a second straight win? Or can Elisa Longo Borghini take over from her teammate if she doesn’t have the climber’s legs she wants?

Or will Annemiek van Vleuten blow everyone’s wheels off, hoping that battered elbows will hold up?

1 star colorful mix bag

One-star women can be divided into two groups: lightweight riders who are good at climbing hills, and Braun, who is a hard rider who doesn’t return easily after splitting.

Source: Sporza


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