Henk is grabbing next to European football, which will have serious consequences for player core and trainer Bernd Storck, commentator Steph Wijanz knows. “Henk needs to find a new coach again. He’s already the seventh in the last four years,” he says.

“Racing Genk doesn’t have European football. It doesn’t really happen throughout the season. Looking at yesterday’s AA Ghent commitments, beliefs and will, nothing was at stake. – And You compare it to the laziness that is almost indifferent to some of Genk’s players … “

“Then it makes sense to have a season without prizes. In reality, I don’t understand how Genk plays football. In a match where I had to do that, I have no soul.”

“This is a sign of the racing season, which started the season with high ambition. Naturally, I thought they could challenge Club Brugge with this core, but it never happened. . Genk will soon be in season. Forget. “

I also thought that I could challenge Club Brugge with this core. But that never happened.

“That didn’t work right away. Henk missed the Champions League, and last year’s strong holders such as Lukmi, Bongonda, and certainly Paul Onuachu of the Golden Shoe couldn’t escape during the transfer.”

“But Genk did everything to put together a successful team. It was a successful feat. Remember that. Henk doesn’t have a lot of patrons or very wealthy owners. Therefore, selling players is a must, but it is still necessary. I wanted to be a champion, so the core remains the same. ”

“But soon many players’ cups weren’t empty and the euros they missed were spinning in their heads. In Europe, I was disappointed in the Europa League. If I didn’t go to the extremes every week in the Belgian League, You can do the following: You can’t win. “

“Genk and Stoke don’t go well together”

“Everyone’s friend John van den Brom has to pay the invoice in December because the board felt that the group wasn’t” challenged “enough and relied too much on the same name. It didn’t become. ”

“German trainer Bernd Stolk has arrived. He intended to educate the players and make everyone better. It didn’t work. Stolk has always been a core where almost every player is worth each other. He said he had a position .. ”

“He firmly believed in that belief, but many rotations that kept him inviting new players didn’t work. He wasn’t stable on the team. Henk won many home games, but left. It wasn’t possible in the place where it was. The game. It’s enough to make a fist. “

I said earlier that it’s difficult to work at Genk. Too many opinions, too many politics, and sometimes too much power with the wrong people.

“Despite the commendable choice of maintaining a group of players, the policy cut hard into Genk’s skin. Tens of millions that last season could be caught for many players. Everything has shrunk. The value of those players has plummeted. “

“Still, a selection process will be needed. Say goodbye to those who brought too few people or were too busy with themselves rather than the club. Bongonda, Onuachu, Rukmi, as well as other South Americans. The same goes for people and Tolstovet. I think the transfer door is open. ”

“There will be no room for Bernd Storck next season. Henk hasn’t officially told that yet, but he feels there is no good match between the club (or at least a particular member of the club) and the coach. Genk needs to find a new trainer again. “

“It will be the 33rd coach in 34 years of history, the 7th in the last 4 years alone … Then the problem is more serious. I said earlier that it’s difficult to work in Genk. Too much politics and sometimes too much power with the wrong people. “

Van Bommel, Hashi, or Franken?

Still the question remains: who should take over Stoke? “Genk is, of course, still at the top, so there’s no shortage of names,” says Wijnants. “This bad season doesn’t change that, so many domestic and foreign CVs are sent.”

“Mark van Bommel would have already been witnessed on the stand. A Dutchman who had a great football career in PSV, Barcelona and Bayern Munich, but not yet a great coaching career. The Dutch will be chosen again, and I understand that, yes, because Genk wants to play dominant and technically well-maintained football, it’s a Dutch school. It is an abbreviation. “

“But some of the board wants to take into account the wishes of the supporters and choose someone with a trainer,” Blue Blood, “who knows what Genk stands for. Then two names will pop up.
Besnik Hasi, especially Wouter Vrancken. ”

“Vrancken announced this weekend that he was stopping by KV Mechelen and looking for a new challenge … many supporters want it, but it’s still unclear if Genk and Vrancken will work together. I don’t think Vrancken is a perfect fit. The story will take a step just because he knows the club well. ”

“In any case, I don’t think there is a completely unknown name, Hannes Wolf or Albert Steiffenberg, who is far from the so-called Genk’s DNA. The risk now seems too great. Again, Genk hasn’t told us anything about whether Stoke will leave. “

Source: Sporza


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