Last weekend, Manonderui broke the spell. She won her first tournament on the European Tour. “It’s definitely a leap,” says the golfer. “I have a hobby right now and want to win more. America is also a target.”

“I had to wait for it for a long time.”

On Saturday Manon De Luy booked his first tournament victory on the European Tour. The next day, she got a lot of attention at Linkben’s golf course. There, a man completed the Sudal Open (DP World Tour). “It feels great. I had to wait a long time for it and approached it several times.”

De Roy’s goal this season was to win the European Tour. At the beginning of May, she had already finished third at the Madrid Ladies Open, but she now took it earlier than expected.

The sweet taste of victory obviously leaves you wanting more. “I like it now, so I want to win more tournaments,” 30-year-old De Roy told Sporza. And she made another phone call. “I will play a tournament in Belgium at the end of May. I hope everyone will come and see me.”

You can now play in majors. I need to rethink my agenda, but I do so with great joy.

“It’s definitely a leap and opens more doors. Now I can play in majors (major golf tournaments). I need to re-schedule, but I’m happy.”

Delois got a lot of points in the victory. “I’m about 60th in the world ranking right now. This is a big step, but when it comes to ranking, I have no goals in my head.”

“It’s nice to be in the top 100 someday, but now I’m going to continue the game and see where I’m going. I’m not very interested in these rankings, so it’s especially important at the 2024 Olympics. Paris. “

“America is definitely a target, I want to measure myself in the best possible condition.”

Not only is De Roey jumping in the world rankings, he is also third in the European tour rankings. “In this ranking, my ranking has an advantage,” explains De Roey.

“For example, I wanted to qualify for LPGA, an American pro circuit this year. To do that, I have to survive three qualifying rounds, but if I’m in the top 10 of the European rankings. All you have to do is play. The final qualifying round. “

“Such qualifications are always very stressful, so it will relieve some stress. Hopefully I can go directly to that final qualifying round and then what I can achieve there. You will see. “

Delois turned to the LPGA. “America is certainly a target. I want to measure myself the best in the world.” It’s not clear. “The atmosphere on the European Tour is very friendly. I have a lot of friends there. I’ll see what happens and if I feel good in America.”

Source: Sporza


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