The first week in Italian soil was full of surprises. Our guy on the scene, Renato Chotte, enjoys it to the fullest. “It’s a real old school giro.”

Blockhouse, as expected, claimed some casualties on Sunday, but still many favorites remain in this Giro.

“By Sunday we were still counting 17 candidates, but now we have 11 podium candidates. Many rice husks have already been separated from wheat, but there’s a lot to do.” Renaat Schotte summarizes.

“Places 2-12 are within 1’15 of each other.” It’s a real “old school” giro with many candidate winners for the time being. It’s very interesting to follow for neutral cycling enthusiasts. “

One of my absolute favorite, Simon Yates, passed through the ice yesterday. “The expected duel between Carapaz and Yates will not come. Yates is even in danger of disappearing from Giro due to his persistent knee problems, but Carapaz is also unobtrusive.”

I don’t understand the tactics of Ineos. They are running around as if they already own a pink jersey.

“Carapaz probably has the strongest team, so he’s still my biggest favorite. I don’t understand Ineos’ tactics, but they’re already running around as if they had a pink jersey. . Why are you already as old as the heaviest? Are some of the jerseys still coming? “

In addition to Ineos, there is another team running around amazingly. “Bora Hansgrohe is also wide. Hindley will be an interesting person to follow. He may have been given a victory on the stage yesterday. Birdett will hit his head.”

The stage that Hindley won had an exciting denoment. “The sprint at 6 was great, but I didn’t see it in the final week. The race hasn’t exploded yet.”

The fastest man is not yet known

Arnaud Démare is arguably the most successful rider last week. He won two sprints and rode a point jersey. Is he the best sprinter in this Giro?

“De Mare is a fair amount of sprinters, but race conditions have been in his favor so far. I don’t say he’s the fastest, but he’s really working on that point jersey,” Renato said. increase.

“Still, Gilmai is currently my favorite number one to bring home a point jersey. He scores when De Mare looks pointless. He’s one of the tougher guys in the first nine days. “

Gilmai is my favorite point jersey.

As far as the eye-catchers are concerned, Renato likes to return to Thomas de Ghent’s stage victory. “I met De Gendt shortly after the finish and exchanged facial expressions of understanding. Unfortunately, I had to stick to the protocol and couldn’t interview him right away.”

“I’m sure if I could interview him, he would be emotionally broken there. After the setbacks of the last few years, this is spectacular. Return through the big gate.”

Had I been allowed to interview De Ghent shortly after his stage win, he would certainly have been emotionally broken.

Tomorrow van der Poel vs Gilmai?

In the next few days, riders will be spared a bit of a heavy col, but Lunart predicts exciting days.

“Tomorrow is the Van der Poel or Gilmai stage. There are also opportunities for flights, so if the team can sustain it, the flattest stage ever will continue on Wednesday. Who is the fastest sprinter in this Giro? You may know. ”

“The next big appointment for classified men is Sunday, but depending on the current situation, something could already happen in the next few days.”

“Anyone who knows that the rankings are close enough and the overall victory is too ambitious may try to conquer the pink jersey. It provides even more salt and pepper.”

Giro d’Italia
get on date Vehicle type start end total winner leader
1 Road race Budapest-Visegrad 195 km Van der Poel Van der Poel
2 Individual time trial Budapest-Budapest 9.2 km Yates Van der Poel
3 Road race Caposhbar-Balaton Fured 201 km Cavendish Van der Poel
Four Road raceSemi-mountain stage Avola-Etona 172 km Kamuna Lopez
Five Road raceSemi-mountain stage Catania-Messina 174 km De Mare Lopez
6 Road race Palmy-Scarea 192 km De Mare Lopez
7 Road raceMountain stage Diamante-Potenza 196 km builder Lopez
8 Road race Naples-Naples 153 km De Gendt Lopez
9 Road raceMountain stage Isernia-Blockhouse 191 km Hindley Lopez
Ten Road race Pescara-Jesic 196 km
11 11 Road race Santa Lucangelo di Romagna-Reggio Emilia 203 km
12 Road raceSemi-mountain stage Palma-Genoa 204 km
13 Road raceSemi-mountain stage Sanremo-Cuneo 150 km
14 Road raceMountain stage Santena-Turin 147 km
15 Road raceMountain stage Rivalolo Canavese-Cogne 177 km
16 16 Road raceMountain stage Salo-Aprica 202 km
17 17 Road raceMountain stage Ponte di Legno-Lavarone 168 km
18 18 Road race Borgo Barsugana-Treviso 152 km
19 19 Road raceMountain stage Marrano Lagunale-Santuario di Castelmonte 178 km
20 Road raceMountain stage Belluno-Passo di Fedia 168 km
twenty one Individual time trial Verona-Verona 17.4 km

Source: Sporza


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