Vinium Gilmai received a lot of criticism after the eighth stage in Giro. Even Mathieu van der Poel heard himself easily and mysteriously. why? The Intermarché-Wanti Gobert gold crest did not help the Dutch chase after the prestigious groups. “I couldn’t do any more,” Gilmai is now telling him.

The eighth stage of Giro caused a great deal of commotion. Mathieu van der Paul and Vinium Gilmai made the ultimate attempt to return to the escaped group, including Thomas de Ghent and Harm van Fouquet, at the end of the stage. wastefully.

After boarding, my fingers were mainly aimed at Gilmai. Gilmai would have had too little head work in pursuit. Mathieu van der Poel also seemed to imply on social media that this was the case.

The Dutch responded with a smile to Gilmai’s remark that “everyone saw Matthew and me.”

It’s mysterious, but he’s talking.

“There was no reaction to the problem,” Gilmai said at today’s Intermarché-Wanti Gobert press conference.I haven’t had a chance to talk about it yet. Yesterday I was behind and he was in front. “

“I really gave everything in that pursuit on Saturday,” he also argued against the criticism. “It wasn’t a matter of saving my power for a possible sprint. I didn’t consciously cooperate with him, I didn’t. I also wanted to bring back the attacker. “

Who is the best to laugh at the end?

Van der Poel’s tweets weren’t the only ones that spread on social media. Tweets about the achievements of Gilmai’s sport were also frequently shared. The Eritrean has already made it into the top five on his first Italian tour. It quickly won him a point jersey.

Still, Gilmai has another goal. It’s a victory on stage. “Point classification is not my main goal, Magri Ash Cramino Just don’t give up. My biggest goal is to achieve a victory on stage. “

I am already grateful to my teammates for the past week.

Next week, Gilmai already has a lot of opportunities. “We are celebrating Independence Day in Eritrea on May 24th. I’m worried that I won’t win the stage that day, but I’d like to take a chance.”

“This way we can give something back to our fans and teams. We are already grateful to our teammates for the past week. They are always ready in the sprints and hills. A very good place. There is an atmosphere with us. I’m already laughing a lot here in Italy. “

Source: Sporza


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