The Red Devils’ questionable performance against Canada was able to digest an extra day. It was a strange communication from national coach Roberto Martinez.

In this episode

  • Qatar’s stadium name is unforgettable
  • Due to the busy competition schedule, the comments are mostly line jobs
  • The good news program about Lukaku was a strategic move by the national team coach
  • That Belgium must hope it doesn’t hit Spain soon
  • Why Brazil is your favorite primus inter pares
  • Cristiano Ronaldo also inspired by Qatar record
  • What was Eddie Demares’ ‘oh my god’ moment
  • That everyone sticks to every word of Louis van Gaal

“As a journalist, I feel cheated.”

Radio reporter Tom Boudeweel follows the Belgians in Qatar in detail. But when asked what the Red Devils vibe was like, he couldn’t answer. “Because all of the training happens behind closed doors,” it says.

“I feel cheated all the time. I can get the player to warm up, but after the pressing, I send him back for individual practice.”

Boudeweel blames the union’s lack of communication. “When Thomas Meunier wasn’t in training, we had to guess what was going on when he went to the hospital for a CT scan. I don’t even know.”

“Martinez continues to patrol important issues”

Boudeweel also questioned the timing of the good news program on Lukaku. “Normally there are no interviews the day after a game, so I thought it was strange that Lukaku was getting good news now. Was it to calm things down after a bad game against Canada?”

“There was a lot of negativity surrounding the Devils’ performance, so maybe they wanted to turn it into an optimistic story. Meanwhile, what Martinez told the press after his poor performance was: Positive. He knew what he had. Barrage of critical questions, but he came anyway.”

Martinez does not answer questions. He tells his own story, as Georges Leekens used to do.

Martinez spoke on Thursday but didn’t say much, Eddie Demares also noted. “Martinez never answers questions. He tells his own story, just like George Leakens once did.”

“You can see him thinking: ‘You can ask me what you want, but I always answer the same.

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