Saudi Arabia’s victory over Argentina is one of the stunts of this World Cup, if not a stunt. But at half-time, the Saudis didn’t look like they could surprise the likes of Lionel Messi. But the enraged Hervé Renard speech turned out to be the right stimulus.

Argentina entered the dressing room with a 1-0 lead against Saudi Arabia a few days ago.

Saudi Arabia missed several goals and barely appeared in the game.

To Hervé Renard’s chagrin for scolding his group of players and reading them Levites.

The Frenchman did so in English, but his message was translated at the same time by an interpreter. Including how to raise your voice and intonation.

Leonard criticized the pressure and lack of intensity. “If you want that, take a picture with Messi,” he said.

The guidelines fell on deaf ears.

Saudi Arabia turned the game around and won 1-2.

Source: Sporza


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