Liverpool-Real Madrid opens old wounds. Four years ago, Loris Karius, 28, was Schremiel in football who made two mistakes in the Champions League final. Today, that night is still obscuring his career.

In the long history of the Champions League, the tragedy surrounding a single player is rarely that great.

Liverpool and Real Madrid will face each other again in this year’s hottest match, so past jokes are resurfaced. Loris Karius is often the center of ridicule.

Four years ago, the Germans experienced the darkest night of their career in Kieu. Liverpool goalkeeper, who was preferred to Simon Mignolet at the time, made two serious mistakes in the losing final against Real.

Immediately after the break, when the score was 0-0, Karius’s unfortunate throw disappeared from Benzema’s foot to the goal. In the last few minutes, the keeper was surprised by the sustainable shots from the veil and went 3-1.


Poor Loris Karius was a laughing stock on the internet.

“Nights like this can destroy your career,” legendary Oliver Kahn prophesied.

It was later discovered that Karius had a concussion shortly before two mistakes due to a collision with Ramos and disappeared in oblivion.

5th goalkeeper

Karius had his stamp of a blunder goalkeeper.

His future in Liverpool was shattered in one match. The Reds immediately took Alison Becker out of AS Roma to appease his supporters, and Karius lent him to Besiktas at the end of Mercato.

Karius has played a total of 55 times in Turkey’s top clubs over two seasons. The Germans regularly confirmed why Liverpool robbed Mainz of him in 2016. There he was known as a boy with great potential.

Only the number of failures in the Europa League regained attention. With laughter again.

After a dispute over unpaid salaries, Karius finally left Turkey. Another loan to the Bundesliga Club Union Berlin followed. Karius has only been active there five times.

Just as Karius’ career was supposed to blossom, she was undeniably sluggish.

Where is Karius now?

Actually in Liverpool … as the fifth goalkeeper. Alison, Caoimhin Kelleher, Adrian and Marcelo Pitalga all stand in front of him.

According to British media, Germans are like the fifth wheel of Liverpool’s training field. He made no choice once a year.

Through his Instagram page (with 1.5 million followers), we can meet Karius on a regular basis. He took pictures in flashy outfits, took training shots, and took pictures in the FA Cup, but he himself got very little.

In the coming months, Karius, whose contract will expire in 2023, will have to leave his golden cage.

If Liverpool wins tonight, it will be a little more reassuring.

Source: Sporza


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