The Thibaut Courtois (30) holiday started a little earlier than planned. Courtois will miss the next four international matches of the Nations League due to embarrassment. What is the animal that Real Madrid keeper says is struggling throughout the season?

Thibaut Courtois reported to the Red Devils last night, but Real Madrid goalkeeper returned home again after a medical examination.

Courtois had already told his VTM colleagues on Saturday after the Champions League final that he was suffering from a hernia.

“Pubic hair is as meaningful as pubic pain,” Thomas Mathieu revealed on Radio 1. He has his PhD in this state.

“It’s complicated because the pubic area or pubis forms the connection between the abdominal muscles and the thigh and adductor muscles. It’s often impossible to determine exactly what the problem is.”

Do keeper suffer more than other soccer players suffering from such illness at the intersection of those muscles?

“I can’t say anything about the Courtois case, but it’s common in pivot sports, where you bend your knees low from left to right and make sharp moves.”

“It’s seen not only in soccer, tennis and hockey, but also in American sports such as American football, especially when goalkeepers reduce goals and occasionally split. Then increase pressure around the sciatic joints and ligaments. . “

“Make sure the underlying ligaments are undamaged”

Can you hurt yourself with one wrong move? “That’s the difficulty of such a file,” it sounds.

“People attributed it to repetitive movements, but our study showed that one wrong movement could shoot something into the groin. Then the ligaments could tear. It is sexual and can cause persistent dissatisfaction. “

“In sports medicine, athletic pubalgia is one of the most common conditions affecting an athlete for more than three months and sometimes has to end his or her career.”

Athletes like Courtois don’t run that fast. “But you need to find a balance between these muscle groups. It’s also important to make sure that the underlying ligaments are undamaged.”

“This can lead to instability and continuous overload. This is one of the reasons why stability lasts so long.”

This problem also occurs in pregnant women. “Then the pelvis stretches, but it’s also found in normal workers who have to bend their knees a lot.”

In sports medicine, athletic pubalgia is one of the most common conditions affecting athletes for more than three months, and sometimes he or she must end his or her career.

Source: Sporza


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