Within two weeks, women’s football will be fully dominated by € 2022 in England. Belgian women’s football specialization continues there. In addition to support and training, good nutritional use also contributes to better sports performance. Nutritionist Gino Devriendt sheds light on Red Flames’ nutrition policy.

Gino Devriendt has been with the Royal Belgian Football Association for 10 years, where he worked on red flames in everything related to food.

“In the early days, I noticed that the diet was well developed in the male team, but not at all in the female team,” says female nutritionists across the country. “We have dealt with it.”

“While players regarded it as a’hobby’, we measured weight and body fat and began to turn them into real top athletes. “

“Thanks to this great evolution, we can see that Red Flames has become a true top athlete today.”

In 2016, Devriendt began solid data analysis to keep up with the trend of anthropometry.

By 2022, we can see that the average body fat has decreased significantly. In addition, we can see that the total of the eight skin folds has also decreased from 84 millimeters to 65 millimeters.

“Thanks to this great evolution and professional support and guidance, we can see that Red Flames has become a true top athlete,” explains Devriendt. “This was really necessary if we had to compete with top countries like France and the United Kingdom.”

“To do that, I had to do a” mind switch “with a national women’s team a few years ago. “

With this great evolution and professional support and guidance, we know that Red Flames has become a true top athlete.

Four types of activities determine what happens on the board

It is important to get enough information. Devriendt’s team explained to the proper basic nutrients, red flame-the right fruits and vegetables (green group), protein (blue group), carbohydrates (red group), fat (yellow group). )-that day.

“We label each group according to the color of the buffet, making it more visible to the players,” says Devriendt.

When it comes to fat, it was initially important to make it clear that you wouldn’t skip all fat from your diet.

“As athletes, they need good fat to provide energy to the body,” says nutritionists.

Devriendt and his team distinguish between four types of activities (see photo above, from (very) low to (very) high): because the plate consumes little or no carbohydrates. Until training days of very high activity, which is more than half filled with carbs.

“It’s important not only to eat pasta during the tournament, but to accumulate fat. This is clearly not a message.”

Individual nutritional advice according to body shape

It is also important to inform Flames about each athlete’s body shape. There are three body types: Endomorph, Ectomorph, and Mesomorph. Depending on the type, it burns more or less body fat during activity.

“That’s why I give each athlete individual nutritional advice according to their body shape,” explains Devriendt.

Initially, it was difficult because some players were allowed to eat more than others.

“For example, at the buffet, I saw a type like Justine Vanhaevermaet, who was clearly allowed to eat more than others. Now that all players are very professional, how much do you eat on your plate? I know exactly. ”

What do you drink during training or matches?

In addition to eating a proper diet, drinking is just as important. Studies show that a 4% loss of water reduces performance capacity by 20-30%.

Red Flames use isotonic drinks for the rest of the warm-up and match, and for intensive training days.

“It’s important to use this drink not only to hydrate the body, but also during rest. With this 15-minute rest, this drink provides the energy needed in the second half,” Devriendt said. I will explain.

Isotonic beverages also provide the necessary salt lost during a match or training red flame.

“Analysis of individual sweats found that there were four” more salty “sweaters in it. On days warmer than 25 degrees, there was a compatible drink bottle made up of slightly more salt. ” Devriendt. ..

After intensive training or a match, Flames also drinks a protein shake. This will greatly speed up recovery.

Source: Sporza


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