Lotta Kopekki, 26, can hang a fourth tricolor in the closet in a time trial. The best Belgian cyclist has won the Belgian Championship Time Trial with her title, Gavere, for the fourth consecutive year. She descends on one crown of record holder Ansophie Duic.

Ansophie Duic reigned between 2014 and 2018 and since then Lotta Kopekki I picked up the torch.

After Middelkerke, Koksijde and Ingelmunster, Kopecky defeated Belgian competitors in Gavere.

At the midpoint, Kopekki was already on the street ahead of the competition. Juli van de Verde was second with 38 “and Sara van de Verde was third with 40”.

Kopekki’s engine was completely speeding up and soon she passed Van de Velde-started a minute before her.

Kopekki had no spots of rot. Kopekki put his finger on his nose and renewed his Tricolor subscription.

Vande Velde and Vande Vel could not extend their stats from the midpoint. The youth Shari Bosito and Brit Knaben went on and on.

Results Belgium Championship Time Trial (f) 2022 Gavere
1.1. Lotta Kopekki 23.2km at 31’12 “
2.2. Shari Bosite 1’04 “
3.3. Brit Knerven 1’08 “
4.4. Sarah foundation debel 1’09 “
5.5. Juli van de Verde 1’21 “
6.6. Julie de Wilde 1’40 “
7. Affia Brandt 2’11 “
8.8. IESE van den Bruke 2’25 “
9.9. Julie sap 2’38 “
10.10. Lotte Cress 2’43 “

“Sunday will be more difficult. I’m looking forward to it a little.”

Lotta Kopekki won with force majeure, but she said she didn’t expect it because last year’s lead was small.

“I never knew, but I was happy with the condition of the play at the first midpoint,” said the champion. “I’m glad I had a lot of leftovers.”

Therefore, Kopekki has taken additional steps on time trial bikes as well. “The material has something to do with it. I’m on Specialized right now and my position has improved a lot.”

According to Kopekki, this piggy bank has been washed and Sunday’s road race will be another pair of sleeves.

“Without my teammates, it would be more difficult in Middelkerke. It would be harder to control. Somehow I look up a bit.”

Source: Sporza


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