Club Brugge is considering testing Andy Carroll (33) for a few weeks. Tall British attackers chorded with Liverpool, the British team, and others, but those glorious days seem to have been behind him for some time.

At a distance of 1.93 meters, Andy Carroll seems to be at the forefront like chopping wood, but throughout his career the British have set some global goals and have shown that they can handle them well. I did.

For example, Carroll was in the limelight last season when she scored two unparalleled goals in two minutes in a two-part reading, neither of which was allowed.

They were a rare flash from Carol at Reading. Carol hasn’t even been able to convince West Bromwich in the last few months. The nine England national teams did not receive the new contract. His file was placed at the desk of Vincent Mannert in Club Brugge during the interim season.

Carroll is not currently testing, but Blue Black has confirmed that the case is under investigation. “He undergoes non-obligatory screening, after which we evaluate his situation.” “Then we have to decide if he can attend the trial for a few weeks.”

Source: Sporza


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